NFC Academy Administration And Staff

NFC Academy Staff

Here are the people in our NFC Academy offices who can take care of your needs or find the person who can. You will find their experience and support for your homeschool program highly effective. Each person is trained in their areas to provide the best in customer care.

You can email each one or call our offices and we will get to work on your behalf. Just like our faculty, the office staff have a personal biblical worldview and want to see each of our students reach their goals.

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Dr. Charles R.(Rick)

Dr. Charles R.(Rick) Fielding

School Administrator

B.A.,Bob Jones University, M.A., Regents, DRE, International Seminary

Mrs. Cori Stone

Mrs. Cori Stone

Director Of Enrollment/NFC Academy Office Director

B.A., Lee University

Mrs. Becky Rush

Mrs. Becky Rush

K-7 Program Director

​Southwest Technical College

Dr. Charles R.(Rick)

Ms. Amanda Stone

Admissions Director & Academic Support

Mrs. Cori Stone

Mrs. Jeannie Fielding

Parent Resource

B.A., Bethany Bible College

Mrs. Becky Rush

Mrs. Christy Champion

​Academic Office

​B.A., Tennessee Temple University