Pre-Kindergarten Age 4

Homeschool Preschool K4 Book Program

Where better to find a nurturing learning opportunity than in the home with a parent leading the learning program…you guessed it, in your home. NFC Academy will be your partner by providing you with all the resources needed.  As you take a part of your day, you will experience the joy of seeing your child grow as they learn new concepts almost daily…you will probably laugh some and maybe shed a tear of joy as you see learning right before your eyes.

Our K4 Program Academics & Family Values

Preschool Student Books


Start your preschooler’s early childhood education with the Horizons Preschool Curriculum Set! This curriculum introduces preschoolers to formal learning with hands-on activities and games that can be easily adapted to your daily schedule. Laying a solid foundation in Christian values, each lesson starts with Scripture and flows from a biblical theme that incorporates social studies, language arts, math, phonics, science, and more! Plus, each enduring lesson is filled with arts and crafts, music, story times, health and safety, and other exciting learning adventures!


Preschool Teacher Resources

Touch your child’s heart with lesson plans that include colorful music and visuals in the Horizons Preschool Multimedia Set. This set teaches godly values instilled through upbeat songs and family-friendly videos. These engaging resources develop a love of music and keep children bubbling over with God’s love!

Preschool Teacher Guide Book 1

Preschool Teacher Guide Book 2

Preschool Resource Packet


NFC Academy Preschool Daily Lesson Planner

Nothing will guide you from Lesson One to the very last lesson like the NFC Academy Daily Lesson Planner. While our homeschool schedules are flexible to fit your schedule, you can take our scheduled holidays or follow your own schedule for holidays but either way as you follow the Daily Lesson Planner you can be confident you will finish when you expect to.

We have done all the planning for you so all you have to do is teach and watch each day’s new learning experience with your child.

Preschool NFC Academy Daily Lesson Planner



Pre-Kindergarten Tuition

Pre-Kindergarten K-4 Tuition

Teacher At Home

Annual Tuiton $605, OR
Four (4) Quarterly Payments $157.00

Includes Bible, Language Arts, Math and Health courses and free shipping in the continental United States. See your start date for information on when billing begins.

Registration Fee of $100 and Grade Reservation Fee of $20.