Middle School Grades 6-8

Accredited Middle School 6-8 Online Programs

NFC Academy Teachers

Homeschool Advantage Online

  • Our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee for New Online Students
  • Five (5) Online Courses
  • NFC Academy Teacher Academic Support
  • NFC Academy Teacher Grading All Assignments
  • Biblical Worldview Curriculum
  • Accredited Program
  • Start Anytime
  • Affordable Tuition 
  • ​Set Your Own Schedule
  • NFC AcademyReport Cards
  • Monthly Academic Student Progress Reports
  • Semester Academic Review
  • Technical Support

Home Teacher Program

Homeschool Edition Online

  • Our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee for New Online Students
  • Five (5) Online Courses
  • Home Teacher Is Primary Teacher
  • NFC Academy Resource Teacher Assigned
  • Biblical Worldview Curriculum
  • Accredited Program
  • Monthly Academic Student Progress Reports
  • ​Semester Academic Review
  • ​Start Anytime
  • Affordable Tuition
  • Student Schedule Is Flexible
  • ​NFC Academy Report Cards
  • ​Technical Support


Homeschool Basics

If you want just the basics check out our online program called HomeSchool Basics. You get our homeschool biblical worldview curriculum with either five or six courses, our 14 day money back guarantee for new online students, and some of our student resources including the Gale Library and our math resources. There is no teacher support with HomeSchool Basics and the program is not part of our accredited programs. If you want to find out more including cost information, click the HomeSchool Basics button below.

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A Biblical Worldview

​Our worldview at NFC Academy is from a Biblical worldview or Christian worldview. While seminary courses provide very deep meanings of what makes up a Biblical worldview, for our purposes, we will define it simply as we look to the Bible for our beliefs and how we should operate.

That means our curriculum will be written from that view – you could see that as we believe that God exists and He is our Creator, our teachers will hold that view both in their teaching and in their personal lives, and all that we do at NFC Academy will seek to have such a view to how we operate.

Our worldview reminds us of the traditional family values that have been a part of our nation’s history in education and just about all aspects of life from its founding. To learn more about our worldview visit Our Worldview web page.

Accredited & NCAA Approved


Reaching Success In The Online Program

Working In The Online Program Maximum Academic Success
Time On The Computer Students in the Online Program should expect to spend 75%-90% of their school day primarily on their computer.
Hours Invested In Learning At least 30 hours per week.
Your Teachers At NFC Academy (If the parent is the Home Teacher in 3-12 Online...all would apply in the other areas except the the home teacher is providing academic help) Full-time students are taking five to six courses for their school day. Students would have five/six teachers assigned in their specific academic discipline working to provide help to the students.
Your Own Daily Study Schedule The Online Program is available 24/7 every day of the calendar year. Every student is encouraged to have a daily schedule, but their schedule of when they study is up to the student and parents as they keep in mind the school year assigned of 180 school days.

More At NFC Academy

School Records

  • ​We take care of all of your official school records at NFC Academy. Included in your records will be report cards which are created as the student completes each semester’s work.
  • Other records would include formal testing records if the student takes the optional annual testing offered each spring at NFC Academy for full-time students in 3rd-11th grade at NFC Academy. We will have all the records.​

Virtual Labs

  • Welcome to the virtual world of education! That means in our science labs that virtual labs are the standard.
  • Creating a standard for lab experiments, students in 6th-8th grade in the Homeschool Advantage program will use Smart Science virtual labs.
  • Easy to use these labs include everything so no need to buy expensive equipment or supplies for Smart Science. Your science teacher will get your login to you for Smart Science.

Math Resouces

  • Students will find Math Resources to give them additional support in their daily math lessons. Each of their math courses will have extensive math resources for additional instruction and practice.
  • In the middle school grades, students will find these resources on their Student Resources page on our website.
  • These pages contain hundreds of video resources available 24/7 every day of the year.