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Student Resources 6-8 Online

Ignitia Online Resources

It is easy to navigate your online program in Ignitia, but we have some guides that will help you and your parents along with some information about the type of questions you might see. Once you get started it will be easy to learn your way around the Ignitia Online Program.

These are your written resource guides for the Ignitia Online Program. While most things about navigating the Ignitia program are learned through using the program, there will be important features available you can discover by looking through your written guides. Some students will be using Smart Science for their lab experience and their student guide will aide you with this online program.


The Home Teacher Program for the online program grades 3-7 has the parent as the primary teacher. Students in the program with the home parent as the primary teacher will do science labs from those within the online curriculum. Students with NFC Academy teachers will do their labs online with Smart Science. Qualified students may take Algebra 1 for high school credit in eighth grade. Other electives include:


We understand that when doing your math that you would like to complete the assignment during the period you are working on it. Sometimes in math you may need some additional instruction or practice to ensure you grasp the concept. Your NFC Academy teachers will help you with those areas, but to get some help when you are working check our math library for each subject in all grades K-12.

Those students in 7th grade and 8th grade math have additional resources in Ignitia with your course. For example, students taking Math 700 will also have a course supplement called Math 700 Resources. These resources are available also for 8th grade and beyond into High School starting with Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II.

Students successfully completing these extra resources will earn extra credit for their math grade.


The lab component for science courses with NFC Academy teachers will be fulfilled using Smart Science labs. All labs from Smart Science are completed online. Students will have a typical lab experience following scientific steps reaching their conclusions to the lab.

Students should spend time reviewing the introductory video reviewing the process for completing labs with Smart Science. There will be no equipment or supplies to purchase as you complete your labs online.

Watch the video from Smart Science “Beyond Learning – How to Think” to learn more about how to use your online lab program.

Students in our online programs with the home parent as the primary teacher will use available labs within the online curriculum 

smart science virtual online lab