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Homeschool Convenience & Flexibility

Start Your School Year Anytime

Schools like NFC Academy allow students to pick their start dates at anytime of the year. Maybe you want to start school in June each year to give you time off that fits your family schedule…you can do that in an accredited school like NFC Academy.

With NFC Academy in session all twelve months of the calendar year your options are just about any week of the year except for those weeks which are holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break and our Summer Break in July.


Plan Your Own Schedule

NFC Academy allows you to set your learning schedule each day. If one course is particularly challenging then you can adjust your schedule to spend more time on that course in your daily schedule.  If you need to work on a special project for a course then just make the adjustment for the week. Those in high school may want to work a part-time job and homeschooling gives the student more flexibility in a work schedule. Just make out your schedule and stick to it.

Of course, with this freedom you need to be certain to ensure you are working toward completion in all courses and not just letting some courses sit for long periods of time. Keep your teacher informed of your schedule.

Your School Travels With You

Homeschool with a school like NFC Academy and you can take your school with you just about anywhere you need to go. In the Online Program just pick up your laptop or device and you are ready. Put your books in a bag and off you go. You will find that your online lessons are available anywhere you have the Internet and most all resources take the trip with you.

Remote work is a growing trend today and so is remote learning in an online environment. You will be surprised how easy it is to do schoolwork as you travel.  The same goes for mom and dad as they have their parent portal access as they travel so they can engage in reviewing school work anytime of the day…or for that matter the night also.


Resources For Study Go With You

All your study resources for online work or book work are just a click away on the NFC Academy website. These resources are to aid you in doing your work and are easy to access just when you need them.

As we noted above with your school going with you…at NFC Academy your access to your Gale Online Library and Britannica School follow you too. Our supplementary math tools open right up wherever you are at just like the Ignitia Learning System.

Time For The Most Important Things

Few things in a child’s life that are more important than doing “things” with the family. Homeschooling allows you to schedule special days for the family. As always, the serious homeschooler will make sure all the necessary time is spent on studying. Balance out your schedule and you will have time for everything you need including school, home, and your personal plans.


Practical Learning Time

Learning is not restricted to formal learning activities in an assigned course while you are in homeschool.  Just about any activity can bring learning to both younger and older students. Homeschool gives you the flexibility to add these special times.

While academically engaging courses are a part of all students learning activities, educators at all levels recognize the value of learning practical applications for life lessons. These practical learning experiences can be a part of all academic programs, but it is difficult to improve on the home as a great place to do so.