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Book Program Resources Grades 1-4

Math Resources Book Program Grades 1-4

Additional resources for your homeschool program in math are provided for both the teacher and student. Use these buttons below to access videos and worksheets.

Select your grade from the link below and you will have these resources available to you 24/7 in your homeschool program with NFC Academy. Resources are online on the links below, so you do not have to go further in locating additional resources.


1st Semester Math Courses

1st Grade Math Resources (units 101-105)

2nd Grade Math Resources (units 201-205)

3rd Grade Math Resources (units 301-305)

4th Grade Math Resources (units 401-405)

5th Grade Math Resources (units 501-505)

6th Grade Math Resources (units 601-605)

2nd Semester Math Courses

1st Grade Math Resources (units 106-110)

2nd Grade Math Resources (units 206-210)

3rd Grade Math Resources (units 306-310)

4th Grade Math Resources (units 406-410)

5th Grade Math Resources (units 506-510)

6th Grade Math Resources (units 606-610)

Electronic Gradebook

Use the grading chart included with your materials we shipped to you for grading the assignments then record the grades in your electronic gradebook. It is that easy and we have a video to show you each step.

The gradebook does everything else in keeping the average and you will have it to view any time you want. Need some help? We are just a phone call or email away. ​Click here to go to your Online Gradebook.

If you need assistance we are here to help. Just call the Book Program office.

Teacher’s Handbook

 As an accredited school, NFC Academy is committed to offer the highest in academic programs for our students grades K-12. For our Book Program Kindergarten-4th grade and Online Homeschool Edition 3rd-8th grade, families in these accredited programs will need to be familiar with important policies as the home teacher.

​Our NFC Academy K-4th Grade Book Program Manual provides this information for families in both the K-4 Book Program and Online Program for grades 3-8 Program where the home parent is the primary teacher.​

Britannica School

Join with all other full-time students at NFC Academy with your own access to Britannica School Online. You will find features with Britannica that allows you to adjust the level to ensure you have correct reading level.

There should be few, if any, needs that your access to Britannica School will not provide for you as you progress through elementary school at NFC Academy. You will need the password supplied to you in your Welcome Letter. Just contact us if you need assistance. Click here to login Britannica School.