Tuition Discounts

K-12 Accredited Private School

Tuition Discounts

NFC Academy Online Teacher Program

  • ​​​THE FAMILY DISCOUNT – 10%, Online grades 3-12, NFC Academy Teacher Program
  • FULL-TIME MINISTRY DISCOUNT – 10%, Online grades 3-12, NFC Academy Teacher Program
  • MILITARY FAMILY DISCOUNT – 10%, Online grades 3-12, NFC Academy Teacher Program
  • FIRST RESPONDERS DISCOUNT – 10%, Online grades 3-12, NFC Academy Teacher Program
  • Families who enroll in the teacher at home online Homeschool Edition or the Homeschool Plus Program receive a 7% tuition discount. ​
  • Families who enroll children in the K-4 Book Program as the teacher at home will receive a is a five (5%) discount.

Documentation Needed

Military Discount

Military Documents. Please provide one of the following to NFC Academy:

  • DD214
  • DD256 (reservist)
  • Current Military ID
  • VA Issued Healthcare ID
  • Veterans ID Card
  • Veterans Designation on Drivers License
  • Current State License/Certification
  • Current Valid Law Enforcement, Firefighter or EMT ID or SF 50 For Federal
  • Letter from church or sending organization on letterhead confirming full time ministry or missions status.

As a private school NFC Academy offers tuition discounts to qualified families. Our goal in our Christian education program is to provide our students the best in education while keeping the cost of a biblical worldview program reasonable. To help with the cost, we provide a number of tuition discount options and our rewards program for tuition rewards. Parents can select from one discount that they are qualified to receive.

Contact our Admissions Office for complete details of our tuition discounts for NFC Academy families. Call our offices at 888.407.6327 or email us at NFC Academy. Discounts will be based upon the program in which the student(s) are enrolled: Online NFC Academy Teacher Program 3-12 or Home Teacher Program 3-7 and Book Program K-5th grade.

Multiple Children Discounts

For those families who have multiple children at NFC Academy, there will be a discount for each child after the first child. We understand that costs are an important part of the decision to enroll a child in a private school and our goal is to help families and make Christian education affordable for every family who desires an education from a biblical worldview promoting traditional family values.

​We will automatically apply this discount when setting up your account in our Business Office.

Tuition Discount
Tuition Discount

Missionary Family Discounts

Those who are serving as missionaries make some of the most significant sacrifices of those in full-time ministry to carry the gospel message to others. We welcome our missionary families to the Academy and want to be a blessing to you no matter where your mission field may be located as you homeschool your children.

All we need is a confirmation letter from the mission board or the sending church of the details of the mission service.

First Responder Tuition Discounts

Everyone of us should be grateful for those whose chosen work is to keep us safe amid daily risk to their own safety. For our definition of First Responders we include those serving in Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, and EMT’s/Paramedics. We are pleased to be serving this group of heroes who protect us daily.

Furnish us a letter or copy of your status and we will see that the discount is applied.

Tuition Discount
Tuition Discount

Military Service Members - Active Duty & Retired

These men and women also have accepted the call that can place their lives at risk for our safety at any time and we owe them our gratitude and support. This discount applies to both active duty service personnel and to those who are retired from their service in the military.

Furnish us a letter or copy of your current status and we will apply the discount.

Full Time Ministry Discounts

If you are serving in full-time Christian ministry we offer a discount for your children enrolled in NFC Academy full-time. As a ministry partner our desire is to assist those carrying out the work of the ministry both in the United States and around the world.

Furnish us a letter from the church or other ministry confirming your status and we will apply the discount. ​

Tuition Discount
Tuition Discount

NFC Academy Tuition Rewards

NFC Academy Tuition Rewards is not an official part of our discounts, but a program of tuition rewards open to all families. The program is simple…recommend NFC Academy to a family member or friend and when they enroll their child full-time in one of our homeschool programs and they start work, you will receive a tuition credit to your account with NFC Academy for each student they enroll.

To find out more about our NFC Academy Tuition Rewards program visit our Tuition Rewards Program on the NFC Academy website.