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Student Resources 3-5 Online

Getting Started In Ignitia 

It is easy to navigate your online program in Ignitia, but we have some guides that will help you and your parents along with some information about the type of questions you might see. Once you get started it will be easy to learn your way around the Ignitia Online Program.

These are your written resource guides for the Ignitia Online Program. While most things about navigating the Ignitia program are learned through using the program, there will be important features available you can discover by looking through your written guides. Some students will be using Smart Science for their lab experience and their student guide will aide you with this online program.

More Math Helps 24/7 Any Day

Having some difficulty with a math concept? There is a good chance one of the videos for the daily assignment will provide additional help. Be sure to bookmark your math library, so you have it ready when needed as you work on your classes daily. You will find extra videos of additional instruction, examples and practice lessons for each daily assignment in your math course. Remember, the videos that are provided for you and are available anytime on our website, but they do not take the place of the assignments in your math course and help from your teacher. They are there anytime as a supplement for additional practice and instruction if needed. 

Click on your Math Library below and select your math course, then click on the assignments and your math videos will appear.

Academic Libraries Grades 3 – 5

The Academic Library for each course will show all the required assignments for that course which will include the daily assignments, periodic quizzes, and tests along with special assignments such as reports and labs.
For math courses, there will be added videos for most every daily assignment.

These additional videos provide the students with more explanations and opportunities for practice.  Since homeschool students in an asynchronous program where you study at your schedule these often help the student when the teacher is not available. These special helps are available online 24/7 and all 365 days of the year or to be completely mathematically accurate all 365.242199 days.