Dual Enrollment

High School Dual Enrollment

Graduation Requirements

  • English 4 Credits

    English I, II, III and English IV

  • History 3 Credits

    American History, World History, Government & Economics

  • Math 4 Credits

    Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II in the college preparatory program

  • Science 3 Credits

    Biology with lab and two addiitonal lab sciences in the college preparatory program

  • World Language 2 Credits

    Two years of the same language

  • Physical Education, Health 1 Credit

  • Practical/Performing Art 1 Credit


Dual Enrollment Options



Earn College Credit for $67 a credit hour, $200 for a three-hour course, and save thousands on your college degree.


Courses are written by subject matter experts. Taught by experienced instructors, and designed For student mastery.


Partner with Oklahoma Christian University for your transcript and easily enroll with that institution after high school or transfer your credits to another institution.

How It Works

Step 1: Review the course catalog. All courses are flexible with no specific meeting times.
Step 2: We recommend you speak with an advisor at NFC Academy if you wish to enroll in a Dual Enrollment course. If you want the course to take the place of a course required for high school graduation, get that approved ahead. Some courses will meet academic requirements for specific required courses for graduation and others may count as an elective.
Step 3: Register. After you have selected the course(s) that you would like to take, inform the Enrollment Director so they can be included on the Path to Graduation so that all courses can be reviewed and approved. 
Step 4: Complete the Course.
Step 5: Request your transcript. Contact your chosen college/university for your official transcript. Keep moving ahead. If this course is needed to complete your graduation requirements you will need to complete it for graduation purposes and have a copy of the official transcript for NFC Academy.

Oklahoma Christian University

Collegiate Academy – Courses Available 

Earn Your Assoicates Degree in High School

  • Language and Composition

  • College Algebra

  • Introduction to Christianity

  • American Government

  • Principles of Psychology

  • Music Appreciation

  • Old Testament

  • US History

You Can Do This

At NFC Academy, we understand the importance of academic excellence and the value of earning college credit in high school. It not only provides a head start towards higher education but also equips students with practical outcomes for their future endeavors. These online programs are designed to offer flexibility and academic rigor, aligning perfectly with the goal of earning college credit during high school.

By enrolling in one of these programs, students can efficiently work towards finishing their high school program while simultaneously advancing towards college credit. We are dedicated to assisting students every step of the way, ensuring that they achieve their academic goals seamlessly. With NFC Academy’s support and guidance, you can navigate this journey with confidence and be well-prepared for the next chapter in your education.