Full-Time Students

K-12 Homeschool Flexibility with Structure

At NFC Academy being a Full-Time homeschool student is about structure with a full course load and flexibility where you set your schedule for study in our accredited K-12 programs. You can start your school year at any time from anywhere and every full-time student will have a 180-day school year. NFC Academy operates for twelve months and is ready when you are.

Full Time Students
  • Online Program grades 3-12. NFC Academy teachers available for all online grades.
  • Online Program 3-7 the home parent can be the teacher in the same curriculum.
  • Book Program for Kindergarten and 1st-4th grades. Home parent is the teacher and we ship everything to you. 
  • Accredited and approved by the NCAA for High School courses.

Build Your own Daily Work Schedule

Your daily schedule is yours to set based on your personal preferences. Report card grades are completed by the semester from 1st-12th grade and Kindergarten grades are done by the nine weeks. If you need to travel or do sports activities, there is no problem at NFC Academy as you have that flexibility in your schedule. The ultimate goal is graduation and our programs have you in mind to achieve that goal.

  • Each day Is unique, and the flexibility is yours to manage.
  • Taking the core courses and you selecting from honors courses and other electives.
  • Consider our dual enrollment option with Oklahoma Christian University for earning college credit and high school credit at the same time.
  • Enroll any time from any where.
Full Time Students


NFC Academy Is Accredited And Affordable...

K-5Th Grade Book Programs

K-4Th Grade Book Programs

Starting an exciting and exceptional school life!

K-5Th Grade Book Programs
K-5Th Grade Book Programs

Elementary Online Grades 3-5​

​Building a strong foundation for the future!

K-5Th Grade Book Programs

Middle School Online Grades 6-8

​Success in the transition to High School!

K-5Th Grade Book Programs
K-5Th Grade Book Programs

High School Online Grades 9-12

Preparation for graduation and the next big steps in life!

Try an Online Lesson Now

For Elementary Online 3-5 courses:

Login: Nfcaelem (Case Sensitive).

Password: 35Demo18

For Middle School Online 6-8 courses:

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For High School Online 9-12 courses:

Login: Nfcaelem (Case Sensitive).

Password: 912Demo18