NFC Academy Tuition Rewards

My Recommendation is NFC Academy

We have found our success lies with the parents who are satisfied with the programs and people of NFC Academy. We work hard to meet the needs of our students and parents and they in turn help us in recommending other families to NFC Academy.

Our parents know the other families who share the desire for their children to have an education that embraces the Biblical worldview and Christian values along with excellence in academics preparing students to be the next generation of leaders.

The My Recommendation Is stands as a way our current families can help us and we can help them in return by giving you credit on your tuition account for each student who enrolls and attends NFC Academy based upon your recommendation.

Tuition Rewards

How Tuiton Rewards Work…it is Easy!

What to Do

  • Invite other families who are interested in homeschool as the education option for their children to consider NFC Academy
  • Return the completed My Recommendation Is Application to the Admissions Office at the time the new family is considering NFC Academy.
  • Since students may begin at NFC Academy at any time this program is open all year around.

Who is Eligible

  • My Recommendation Is NFC Academy is open to all currently enrolled tuition paying NFC Academy families.
  • Referred families may not have previously attended NFC Academy (sibling referrals do not apply).
  • Referred student(s) must be accepted and attend NFC Academy.

The Rewards

  • For each student referred and enrolled (full time), you will receive a credit on your tuition account.
  • The credit for a student enrolling in the NFC Academy Teacher 3-12 Program is $100.
  • The credit for a student enrolling in the Home Teacher 3-12 Program is $75.
  • The credit for a student enrolling in Kindergarten-4th Grade Book Curriculum is $75.
  • Referral benefit cannot exceed the amount of tuition owed by referring family.

Let’s Complete Your Recommendation

  • The referral benefit is on a per student basis; for example, if a new family has three children to be enrolled at NFC Academy, the referral benefit would be $300 if they enroll in the Homeschool Advantage Program (remember the credit cannot exceed the amount of tuition owed on your account and only tuition credit is given).​
  • Once the student has been accepted and registered and started their courses, the referral benefit will be applied to the tuition account 30 days after the new student’s attendance and the approval of the My Recommendation Is Application in the Admissions Office.
  • Incoming family must identify referrer through the application process.
  • The parent making the referral should submit the My Recommendation Is Application to the Admissions Office when the family enrolls. Applications must be submitted within 30 days of new family’s enrollment to be valid. All you need to do is complete the online form and we will take care of the rest..
  • Only one family may be considered as the referring family.
Tuition Rewards

Thank you for your support of NFC Academy. We are glad to be able to offer this rewards program to our families.