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High School Library And The Writing Center

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​​Allows students to change the reading level of a text (between two to three different levels provided for most resources)

Provides academic vocabulary support within readings- double clicking on any word provides the definition

Support for English Language Learners- double clicking on any word will also bring up its Spanish translation

Provides ‘text-to-speech’ functionality for all readings

Provides a library of images and videos along with text resources for multimodal learning opportunities

Engages curiosity by allowing students to browse multiple related entries or search in a safe, academic and ad-free environment. Related concepts are hyperlinked in line and searchable


HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY Gale Library Collections

Each subject-specific resource in Gale In Context student databases uses eye-catching topic overview pages to bring together nonfiction materials in all digital formats. Users can read or watch to get the facts with articles, videos, charts, images and infographics, and more. The content within these collections is designed to support visual and auditory learning in addition to national and state curriculum standards.

With on-demand text and voice translation into over 30 languages and high levels of accessibility for those with disabilities such as low vision or blindness, Gale In Context student resources meet the needs of some of the most diverse populations. Plus, search functions assist readers by Lexile range and guide users to find content at five levels of complexity, based on Lexile range. ​

Gale In Context Basics

Gale In Context High School

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High School Writing Center

Much of the material you will find on this page is related to effective writing skills and “how to” videos. Writing is often done in most every subject you will take at the Academy. Some writing assignments will need to be completed in your own words with few formatting requirements, but others will be completed using specific instructions on research, bibliography, and formatting.

The following videos provide you with helpful information that will aid you in completing your writing assignments in your NFC Academy courses and becoming the best writer possible. ​

Writing A Research Paper

10 Types Of Plagiarism

Avoiding Plagiarism

MLA Citations

MLA Format