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Britannica School

​All NFC Academy Elementary students will have their own access to Britannica Online for their research needs. Students will find Britannica School will provide them information on most all topics that they will need to gather reliable and trustworthy information.

Britannica School is more than just a resource for information as students will find features to enhance their using this learning tool. One feature will allow students to adjust the reading level for many of the resources in their research. If they need some help with a word they may not understand, then using this feature will enable the student to easily see the definition.

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Britannica School

Students use of Britannica School begins the student’s learning of research and developing their library and writing skills. The journey begins and sooner than anyone thinks they will be writing their papers for their college classes.

Gale in Context Elementary Library

Our elementary students will also have access to the Gale series of library which includes Gale in Context Elementary. Combined with their access to Britannica School the Gale online library access for our students provides a rich learning process as students complete their assignments requiring some outside resources.

Students will find the Gale Elementary to have enhancing visuals drawing their attention to their subject content. Learning can become an exciting adventure as students explore this online library resource. Access is made easy with their password that is available upon enrollment and training at their grade level will have them ready to use these resources for their writing.

NFC Academy sees library skills and writing skills essential as students are moving forward in their education. Britannica School and Gale are a part of this learning process for our students.



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