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Preparing Parents For Teaching Online Grades 3-12

Getting Ready To Teach In Your Homeschool

There are three NFC Academy Programs to select being the home teacher. If you are on this page you should be in one of these three programs:

  • Homeschool Edition Online grades 3-8 which includes Elementary grades 3-5 and Middle School Grades 6-8. This is a part of our accredited programs and includes one of our teachers as a resource teacher assigned to the program.
  • Homeschool Plus Online grades 9-12 which includes our high school grades 9-12. This is our high school home teacher program which is a part of our accredited program with an assigned NFC Academy Resource teacher.
  • Homeschool Basics Online grades 3-12 with the parent as the home teacher. This program is not accredited and there is no teacher support. There will be office support for general questions you have. This program is not a part of our accredited programs.

All online programs have Ignitia Technical Support available if you are having any technical issues with the online program on your computer or device. Our staff is always ready to answer your questions.

Learn With These Ignitia Videos

Getting Started In Your Online Homeschool Program

Learn the basics in Ignitia using these videos. These are the same videos our NFC Academy teachers use for training. Like all things new…you will learn best by doing. If you still have questions getting started give us a call and we will help you over the phone or can schedule a video conference.

Teacher Jump Start

Unlock Quizzes & Tests

Navigating Ignitia

Using Ignitia Gradebook

In the Home Teacher Online Program, home teachers will not use all aspects of the Gradebook covered in these three short videos, but they are available to you as you need information. The Academic office staff will assist you as you have questions about the gradebook functions.

Grade Book Part 1

Gradebook Part 2

Gradebook Part 3

Academy Course Assignments To Complete

Which assignments does the student complete in the courses?

As the teacher in your Ignitia course, all regular assignments must be completed in the order they appear in Ignitia. Regular assignments are considered daily lessons, periodic quizzes and the unit tests. There will be essays, reports and labs for science. Ignitia provides assignments in the area of essays and reports which some are required while others are not.

We have for our teachers the assignments which must be done by the student to complete each course. Those assignments are listed for each course in what we call the Academic Library. As the home teacher you have access to the same material which our teachers use to ensure students complete the required assignments. Each course will have a PDF or web page that shows the assignments that must be completed to have a course considered complete. Select the button below and you have access to that information for the Academic Library for courses in each academic division. These buttons will take you to the page you need for your courses. Got questions or need help…1.888.407.6327 and we will help.

Math Resources For Home Teacher-Student

We have found that our math resources can be valuable resources for both students and teachers in all grades. We encourage all home teachers to use the resources as a supplement when needed. We regularly tell parents and students that online math is not different from book math…problems are best solved by going through the steps with paper and pencil for most problems. As you use the buttons above to access the Academic Library for each subject…when you get to the math courses for all online grades the Academic Math Library will have aligned with the daily assignments additional video explanations and problems for practice. These resources are optional, but encouraged to be used as needed. For those students taking Math 700, Math 800, Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II there will be from Ignitia a companion resource program for these courses. They are designed to provide additional resources for the student taking these important courses. Students are expected to complete these resources. When the student completes this companion assignment to the regular courses up to five (5) extra points can be added to both the first semester and second semester final grade. If you have questions of how to do this staff in the office will assist you at your request. Take a look at what a math academic library has in it for your student that aligns with the daily assignment for each course. Click on the title of the video for more math help.
High School Math Courses
Math Grades 6-8
Math Grades 3-5
Home Teacher

High School Online Math Courses

Home Teacher

Online Grades 6-8 Math Resources

Science Courses Home Teacher

Includes Assignments And Labs

The Academic Libraries provide to all teachers the assignments to complete. All students must complete the daily assignments, the periodic quizzes and unit tests in each unit. However, there are typically in most units, extra assignments which can include reports, essays, projects and labs that may or may not be required. Our teachers review all courses and determine which of the extra assignments students must complete.

In science courses in the home teacher programs, all science labs come directly from the online course itself while in our NFC Academy Teacher’s Program science labs from Smart Science online labs and are used in addition to some of the labs in the online courses. There are listed for you in the  Academic Library for each science course in our online programs from third grade through high school. Labs with the curriculum will include virtual labs that are online in the curriculum and some labs for experiments that will not require expensive equipment of supplies with most being done using home supplies.

Home Teacher
High School Science Courses
Science Courses 6-8
Science Courses 3-5
Home Teacher

Online Grades 6-8 Home Teacher Science Courses

Home Teacher

Online Grades 3-5 Home Teacher Science Courses

Access To All Library And Writing Centers

Select the appropriate division below for access to the complete NFC Academy Library and Writing Center including the Gale Library, Britannica School and writing skills videos helping all writers in graded related concepts.

Helping To Improve Writing Skills

Writing Skills