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Welcome to the learning program at NFC Academy! As you embark on your educational journey with us, you will find familiar elements such as daily lessons, periodic quizzes, and tests integrated into our curriculum. Our program also includes writing assignments and engaging virtual labs in the field of science to enhance your learning experience. We understand that each student has a unique way of acquiring information, which is why our courses are thoughtfully designed to accommodate the various learning styles. Join us at NFC Academy as we empower students to excel academically and grow personally.

Start Anytime from Anywhere

Flexibility with Responsibility

At NFC Academy, we understand that one size does not fit all, especially in an educational setting. Our program is designed to prioritize the student, placing them at the center of their learning journey. With the flexibility to start at your convenience and the freedom to set your daily schedule, NFC Academy empowers students to take control of their education. Embracing the concept of asynchronous learning, our program acknowledges that students progress at their own pace, allowing for individualized advancement. Whether you are on unit ten while others are on unit nine, our flexible approach accommodates your unique learning needs. Success in our program hinges on responsibility and self-discipline. While NFC Academy’s approach may not be suitable for everyone, it could be the perfect fit for you.


Your Own Online Classroom

Online students will be assigned to one of two Learning Management Systems LMS – Ignitia and Edgenuity. Ignitia, the primary LMS, offers a web-based learning environment enriched with instructional videos and multimedia to enhance student engagement. It features interactive learning activities and off-computer projects for comprehensive study. On the other hand, Edgenuity, utilized in the high school honors program, immerses students in an interactive online learning experience through animations, simulations, video-led instructions, relevant websites, and various activities supporting lesson topics. Students using Edgenuity have access to a plethora of information that can be revisited multiple times to ensure mastery of the content.

book program


More About Online & Book Programs


K-4th Grade Book Program

Let us partner with you to give your child a great foundation at home starting in Pre-K through 4th grade accredited book program.



Elementary Online Grades 3-5

Our accredited online programs are a great option for your student starting in 3rd grade. Home teacher or NFC Academy teachers.



Middle School Online Grades 6-8

Our online program options continue to be available into Middle School in our 6th – 8th grade program. Home Teacher or Academy teachers.



High School Online Grades 9-12

Graduate from our accredited program college prep program in the online high school at NFC Academy! Courses approved by the NCAA.