Annual Testing

Annual Testing for Homeschool Students


Online Testing Grades 3-12

Testing is available for online grades 3-12 using the Stanford 10 Online Achievement Test. Enrolled students may register for the online testing during the month of April. To participate in the online testing students must have access to a computer to access the online test. There must be an approved proctor during all sessions of the test.


Book Testing K-2nd Grade

Enrolled students in our Kindergarten-2nd Grade Book Program may register to take the Stanford 10 book version of test. We will ship all materials to the home or designated testing location. Required materials must be shipped back to NFC Academy for scoring by the test provider. There must be an approved proctor during all sessions of the test.

Stanford Test At NFC Academy

Our students will be able to take the Stanford 10 Online Test during the month of April. The Stanford 10 is available in online format for grades 3-12. Students in K-2nd grade will be shipped the booklet form of the Stanford 10 to take. Students must have access to a computer to take the online test as it is not available to be used with phones and tablets. The Stanford 10 test is an untimed test given over a period of several days. While the test is untimed there are suggested times to complete the test and students will be expected to complete the testing material without requiring excessive amounts of time. There must be an approved proctor for the test which can be the parent. Parents may want to consider an outside person to proctor the test to help prepare students for future testing in preparation for college like the SAT and ACT which will be taken at a testing center.

Visit our Online Testing Center which is used exclusively for the annual testing of our online students. Some pages on this website require a password which is given to test takers who have registered for the test during the registration period in March. Enrolled K-2 Book Program students use the material we ship to them.


More About the Stanford Test


Does the Stanford Meet My States Requirements

Generally, yes because it is a nationally norm referenced test taken throughout the nation. Typically, the test is given up through the eleventh grade, but seniors may take the test if required by their state. During their senior year most seniors are involved in taking the SAT and ACT in preparation for college. If required by your state your student can take this test.


How To Prepare for The Stanford Testing

Tests like the Stanford and other similar tests are not ones that require a student to study and prepare academically days before the test. Students may do so, but these types of tests cover broader learning goals than individual facts in a specific area. While there could be some specific questions on a test, the student will do well in being well-rested and following their similar routines.