Kindergarten At NFC Academy


Language Arts

​Watch with excitement as your kindergartener begins reading using the phonics based program at NFC Academy. Filled with colorful, age-appropriate lessons, this worktext lays a solid language foundation in young students. Presenting basic phonics skills in a consumable, print-based format, the worktext covers beginning phonics lessons on initial consonant sounds and short vowel sounds and much more.



​Learning the most important book in a way that focuses on the family showing how much God loves us. For Kindergarten Bible you will be using the Positive Action for Christ Kindergarten curriculum Learning About God. You will find it colorful, fun, and exciting learning. You will enjoy singing the songs together from the CD we will send you that goes along with the lessons.



​A strong foundation is the key to success in math, LIFEPAC Math courses use curriculum spiraling and mastery learning to encourage student success. This learning spiral begins in Kindergarten with a focus on the basics: numbers, counting, number order, comparisons, problem solving, place value, time, money, addition and subtraction. Using our curriculum and the extra worksheets and videos we provide makes math fun each day!



​Teach your homeschooler about essential health topics with the colorful and print-based Kindergarten Health curriculum. Recommended to be taught two to three days per week, this Kindergarten Health Set also comes with a student workbook that has over 40 colorful student visuals and activities. Age appropriate and easy to teach, this Christian-based course lays a solid foundation for healthy living.

Kindergarten Daily Lesson Planner

Our Kindergarten Daily Lesson Planner has taken the work of planning away so you can focus your time on teaching your kindergartener. Each subject will have its own lesson planner covering your entire school year so no worries about finishing on time.

As you follow the NFC Academy Daily Lesson Planner you can take school holidays with confidence you are not getting behind in any of your lessons.

It helps you meet any requirements by your state for attendance since it is based upon a regular school year no matter what date you start.


A Biblical Worldview

​Our worldview at NFC Academy is from a biblical worldview or Christian worldview. While seminary courses provide very deep meanings of what makes up a biblical worldview, for our purposes, we will define it simply as we look to the Bible for our beliefs and how we should operate.

That means our curriculum will be written from that view – you could see that as we believe that God exists and He is our Creator, our teachers will hold that view both in their teaching and in their personal lives, and all that we do at NFC Academy will seek to have such a view to how we operate.

Our worldview reminds us of the traditional family values that have been a part of our nation’s history in education and just about all aspects of life from its founding. To learn more about our worldview visit Our Worldview web page.

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