NFC Academy Auto-Pay

Setting up Your Auto-Pay

By using NFC Academy Auto-Pay you do not have to worry about your monthly payment as it is all automatic. By making future payments automatic, you no longer need to log in to your account every billing cycle allowing you to focus on other things for each day. Automatic payments are electronic and can offer greater security than sending a check or money order for payment.

1. How Do I Get the Amount to Enter?

If you know which program you are enrolled in, open the Tuition Cost folder below. If you are unsure, contact our Business Office for the amount in either a monthly, semi-annual, or annual payment. If you have discounts, please be sure and include that as you arrive at your amount. You can contact the Business Office by email or by calling (850) 385-7186 ext. 112 for any needs or questions you have related to your Auto-Pay.

2. What Will I Need to Set Up My Auto Pay Account.

You will need your Family ID number. You can find your Family ID number on the top right portion of your monthly billing, or by contacting the Business Office.

3. How do I pay For Costs like Smart Science, Science Kits (1-5) and Achievement Tests Taken in the Spring?

You can use the “Make A One Time Payment” option in Auto Pay to make a one-time payment for these costs when they are billed on your statement.

4. ​How Do I Know How Many Months to Select?

When families enroll to begin the school year there are ten (10) months in the school year for billing purposes. If you enroll for second semester it is five (5) months. When a family sets up auto pay the first payment is deducted immediately. Autopay then needs to be set up for the following nine (9) months for a full school year or four (4) months for a semester. If a student transfers to NFC Academy during a school year it could be less than ten (10) months. Please do not hesitate to contact the Business Office using the contact information provided with any questions.

NFC Academy Tuition for 2023-24


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