If you are the caregiver and teacher of a homeschooling child, then it must not be easy to actively sustain their interests. Indeed, children are little explorers, and they want to get their hands on and learn everything that they possibly can. One of the many benefits of homeschooling is that you can plan your schedule well in advance and make use of your time to go out. Thus, we have compiled a list of the best affordable field trip ideas. Be sure to incorporate at least one of these in your learning and watch how your child blossoms.

Why are field trips so important?

Learning goes way beyond the four walls of the classroom and home. Indeed, the whole purpose of an education is to develop future-ready citizens who can meaningfully contribute to their society and the world at large. To that end, field trips give them the opportunity to make use of what they have learnt and apply it to real-world settings. Moreover, somethings like the waves of the ocean and animal types are best learnt by observing. The best part about field trips for homeschoolers, however, is that you can cater the trips to your child’s interests. What is important is parental involvement which makes the experience more beneficial. Without further ado, here are some fun field trip ideas the next time your child seems restless or unenthusiastic about schoolwork.

Take a Hike in Nature

Nature is known to be restorative and has many healing properties. It not only rejuvenates the soul but can be a great way to release restless energy when your child has been cooped up indoors for long periods. You can take your child to the local park or maybe a scenic hilltop a bit further away. You can incorporate geography lessons by teaching them how certain natural features came to be.

Visit local Historical sights

When we think of history, we think of major events that affected the whole world, but history can be found in the everyday and in your community. Perhaps, you may like to visit the cemetery and create a genealogy chart or visit the abandoned home of a famous poet. It is best to look for local tour guides who will have a wealth of knowledge.

Take a trip to the library

The library is an excellent place to go if you want to develop the love of reading for children. Spend a couple of hours either reading to your child or letting them pick out a few books. Your librarian can also teach them about the Dewey decimal system. Children can loan out a few books and learn to responsibly return them in time.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen

Volunteering is one of the most meaningful things a child can do. It is especially meaningful to do so in the festive season where we tend to think about material things. Volunteering can be undertaken in many forms like donating pre-loved items or baking cookies for those in nursing homes.

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