Public schools aren’t for everyone. In the minds of many, they have become less than safe havens for learning, with bullying, guns, drugs/alcohol, sexual harassment, etc. in schools becoming more and more prevalent. Even private schools have their problems. For many families, homeschooling has taken the fear and trepidation out of learning, for both parents and children. In a safe, secure home environment, children can learn from parents or qualified caregivers. As with most things today, resources that offer assistance with this endeavor are available online. Today, it is entirely possible to earn a high school diploma via the Internet. In fact, there are grade school classes, online high school classes, and college classes all available on the Internet.

Transferring from School to Home

If you are already going to high school and want to transfer to online courses, this is easily doable. There are some things you need to know about the transfer, such as the following:

  • Make sure you plan ahead and try not to leave school in the middle of the year.
  • Formulate a plan. Don’t just dive in without careful consideration.
  • Explore all your options.
  • Locate a school representative and make an appointment to talk to them.
  • Regarding the transfer of credits – what will transfer and what will not?
  • What kind of paperwork are you going to need? Make sure you have everything.
  • Can an online school be started at any time or are there stipulations as to when you need to enroll?

Conventional School Versus Online School

Extremely flexible schedules are provided by virtual schools. Most of them are self-paced or asynchronous. What’s implied here is, at a certain point in time, you don’t necessarily have to be online.
Maximum flexibility is provided by self-paced learning. For many students, over an entire term, they complete tasks in their own time. If they work diligently, for example, they might finish up an entire week before the week is up.
There is a lot of learning involved in both online schools and conventional schools. Taking part in classes will be required by students no matter what. Assessments, in general, are done via essays, homework, exams, etc. Textbooks may also play a part.

Is Online School a Good Option for You and/or Your Child?

Online learning may be perfect for you if you have a unique learning style, a crazy schedule, prefer to do things at your own pace, and more. Traditional classrooms aren’t the ideal place for everyone, so homeschooling and online learning provide a viable option for many individuals today. Some online high schools operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You could even graduate early if you work hard and learn at a faster pace. If it takes you a little longer to grasp things, that’s okay as well. As long as you fulfill the state’s requirements for a diploma, you will get your diploma.
At NFC Academy, we provide accredited home school programs for grades K through 12. For grades K through 5, we offer book homeschool programs, and for grades 3 through 12, online homeschool programs.
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