College can be a challenging experience for high school students that start taking courses as soon as they graduate especially if they choose the long-distance learning method where everything is done online.  While it might seem like the easier path, students comfortable with a traditional classroom environment can quickly find their work falling behind and having to adjust the method in which they learn.

However, homeschooling online can help students develop the skills they need to transition with little to no issues from high school to any college. This is because they are already used to the long-distance learning methodology where the teacher is not in front of you in the room but is reaching out and instructing via lessons and communication over the computer. Most curriculums that home school students use depend upon the student to set their own schedule to complete the assigned work during a specific period. Even when the new college student is in a traditional classroom they are left with much independence to complete their work and the online homeschool experience has already allowed them to develop this essential habit of self-discipline to get their work completed on time.

Online college classes work in much the same manner with a few more rules and a stricter due date especially on projects and assignments. By homeschooling online in elementary, middle and high school, students can gradually develop the comfort and skills they need to determine their own rhythm and how this technique works best for them. During these years, parents are present to support and provide suggestions so that once the student graduates they already have the knowledge and information they need to take with them on their own. It is also a great way to experience new teaching personalities and to balance employment and education at the same time. One of the biggest challenges for any student is to have to divide their focus between work hours, class time and studying but with the flexibility of taking classes online in college and the background of homeschooling there is an edge that traditional classroom student may not start off with. As parents, the decision to home school your children is probably based on more substantial factors than the benefit of learning on a computer but with the advances in technology and the pace at which many of these latest techniques are moving, this could be one of the best ‘gifts’ you give them. They will be amazed during their first college course at how familiar and comfortable they are even with a new teacher and a system that looks a little different than what they are used to.

Take time to find the right homeschooling course online as they are not all designed equally and should be grounded in an accredited school program. Talk with your kids about their thoughts and feelings on the matter (age appropriate) and let the Admissions specialist answer all of your questions as a family so everyone is familiar with the present structure, how it works in the upper grades and the short and long-term benefits to be gained. Homeschooling was once an option that was barely considered and, yet it has grown to become one of the most popular selections parents can make in the private, Christian and public sector with no geographical boundaries to limit your choices.

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