Flexibility is the hallmark characteristic of homeschooling, not just in how work gets done during the day or where it gets accomplished but even in creating formal flex schedules in class assignment at the high school level.

High school is the time frame in which teenagers start to take on more responsibility such as job or getting more involved in sports as they seek a scholarship for college.  Traditional schools may have some latitude in helping students out, but homeschooling is the perfect solution for parents and students looking to balance these responsibilities without sacrificing the teen’s last years of education.  It is important to look for the best accredited online high school that offers these options as the actual schedules can vary.  You will also need to keep in mind that if the student decides to transfer to a public or private school, there may be some adjustment needed depending on the schedule choice.

The typical schedule routine is taking 6 classes over the course of two semesters, so the work is divided, and the total number of credits are achieved by graduation.  This still allows the student to decide when they want to complete the assignments through the online portal and the material may be easier to follow as it is intentionally broken down across the longer period.  The student will work with the program’s counselor to determine the appropriate courses and electives to take each year, so they will be ready to graduate on time.  Having six classes each day can be challenging when trying increase practice time for sports or get an after-school job and it’s important not to let academics suffer as this will affect college admission and scholarship qualification.

Another option is to take 4 classes each semester instead of the six, keeping in mind that the amount of work needed for each class does not decrease but the number of courses is smaller.  What does this mean for the student?  An individual that is highly motivated, self-disciplined and an academic is able to complete the assignments and complete the class in the single semester time frame.  This leaves time in the day for other activities as already mentioned since they are not tied up with as many classes in their schedule.  It is a good idea to work closely with the instructors to understand the requirements and complexity of the course to determine if this is a reasonable approach for the high school student.  The benefits should also be considered as to whether this gives the student enough time to accomplish their goals or they are still struggling to balance everything.  This opens the possibility of a third option which may not be offered by all programs but the best accredited online high school platform.  This flex schedule allows the student to load one semester heavier than the other with the necessary classes they need to take for the year.  The decision should be based on the student’s ability to manage the load, their level of comfort in each class and the benefits.

High school is the time to start exploring options, learning how to balance responsibilities and completing courses for graduation so the student can take the next step in their journey to college and/or career.

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