Public school systems are designed to teach children the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic along with other subjects like science, history and social studies respectively. This information is addressed from a secular perspective with little room for other theories or beliefs especially Christianity. For some families, this option is enough but parents who want their children raised with values consistent with their home using a biblical worldview they need to look outside the box for their best educational options.


The best homeschool programs are those that have a Christian foundation, an accredited school program and an easy online portal for students to work through. Parents are often concerned that they must settle for one or the other but with a little bit of research, it is possible to enroll their children in a high-quality home learning program that supports the Christian perspective such as creation, Bible classes and incorporating God’s view of the world from every topic they need to know.

An accredited program indicates that the school has met necessary qualifications related to curriculum and teaching methods which ensures that colleges and universities will look at their transcripts just like they do other accredited schools in their admissions process. When looking for a homeschool program, look for this feature and ask the admissions counselor about graduation rates and acceptance to well-known  higher education institutions. Homeschooling helps prepare students for online distance learning due to the assignment portal, self-studying and working with an instructor who is not in the room. However, when Christian viewpoints are woven into the basic concepts, the student can absorb faith and learning through the same experience. This helps to solidify their belief system while giving them the tools they need to succeed in the future no matter which career path they choose. 
Bible classes are developed for every grade and a certain number of credits are required for graduation which gives them additional knowledge and application to use in their everyday situations and circumstances. Students will learn about apologetics, theology reformers, how to live for Christ, factual and historical information about the books of the Bible and much more. However, the real benefit is the integration of seeing God at work in mathematics, science, history, geography and life management as these ideas are taught by professional instructors and supported by online courses. Assignments can easily be completed according to the lesson plan, quizzes and exams are interjected to test the knowledge base and the progress bar keeps everyone informed on how the student is doing and moving through the class. 

Homeschooling is a personal decision that works for every family that wants to commit to giving their children a private education and being intricately involved in the process. A Biblical worldview is more than just memorizing verses and quality education should never be sacrificed for this purpose. Make sure you are working with the best homeschool programs in the industry to give your kids the education they deserve and a faith they can rely on when they become adults and must make this belief their very own.

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