The middle school years are a transitional period of time for studentds and when you decide to teach at home it is important to have a strong curriculum base and support system to make the leap from elementary to high school successful.

Raising children is a challenge from the moment they are born until they leave home and even after that there is still the desire to guide and help them find the right path with the least amount of pitfalls.  Education is a critical component to this process as it gives students the knowledge and understanding they need to pursue their dreams and go on to higher learning in college if so desired.

Homeschooling by definition is teaching children at home and led by the parent but this does not look the same across all grades depending on the online Christian schools you review and eventually select. Lower Elementary is often under the parent because some children need that hands-on approach with textbooks and materials directly in front of them while others excel in online work with teachers from the selected school. As they progress through the upper elementary even more children move from textbooks to the online world of education. As they reach middle school online education can become the norm for students as their lives are touched with technology in almost everything they come into contact with..

The top online Christian schools that offer homeschooling programs provide support via their certified teachers so that parents always have a resource but it is a well-known fact that 6th-8th grade (known as middle school) are formative and critical years. The level of work, type of courses and learning methods are all transitioning the student into critical thinking so that they are prepared for the high school subjects. Students can be taught solely by their parents in 6th and 7th grade but certain schools then set the guideline that their teachers will take over full time in 8th grade and through high school. The reason behind this is because of the course work and to ensure that students are taught according to the necessary standards to pass state tests and meet the criteria of universities and colleges and the NCAA. Parents at home are still very important to the process and can keep up with the student’s assignments, grades and other academic information via the online portal that is updated by the teachers. When looking at the online Christian schools to decide which program to select it is important to review their accreditations, courses, and resources for parents and students. If homeschooling is the right choice for your family but you are not comfortable in the teacher role for middle school then check with the school about their options. The majority of programs allow for full-time academic online teaching to start as early as 3rd grade with parent support instead of parent instruction.

There are many benefits to homeschooling but parent choice and governance is at the top of the list.  You are in control of what your child learns, the curriculum they study and the method in which they learn because you can choose from online Christian schools all over the country not just in your area. Take advantage of professionally certified teachers who have learned how to instruct not only in the traditional classroom but also in the virtual environment so that middle school students can effectively learn the material and transition into their high school with confidence.

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