Security is a growing reason that families are choosing homeschool programs that are available online instead of sending their children to the traditional brick n’ mortar school.


The increasing number of events involving schools has created an environment where parents have understandable concerns sending their children to a location where the danger may come from their own peers. Unfortunately, recent events over the past decade have proven that this affects all types of schools at any age so the decision to educate them at home by starting in elementary is seen by many as a real option. The reasons to homeschool however, go well beyond that factor and is a growing trend because it often provides the better educational opportunity to be educated at home.

Worldview and Christian curriculum are another aspect that families consider when trying to decide whether to expose their children to philosophies that may run counter to their home. Parents are increasingly come to the conclusion that to have their children with a solid foundation of a belief system that they can guide them in wise life choices is a high priority.  

A third reason parents choose online homeschool programs is because this is the best method for their kids to learn and grow in their education. Students are unique and in a traditional classroom there is a one to many ratios so the majority ‘wins’ in the way the instructor presents the information. However, in a homeschool situation the student can learn in the way that fits their learning needs, personality, speed and level allowing them to move as fast or slow as they need to and comprehend the lesson materials. Parents can choose for credentialed teachers in the elementary grades to supplement or choose to work directly on a full-time basis as the instructor. Students are more likely to succeed in all areas of life when they are comfortable and secure in what they know and how to build on that information from year to year.  

Parents need to ensure that the program they use is accredited through multiple agencies to make the transition of records in the college admission process smooth and without hassle. It is also important to stay with the same school, if possible, until graduation because the curriculum is designed to flow and build on itself where moving to a different program the student may lose necessary information even if done between grades.  Homeschooling provides the flexibility some families need due to a health or employment situation and is becoming more accepted every year as a reliable approach especially when supported through an accredited institution that meets recognized educational standards. 

No matter the reason for choosing to educate your children at home, having the right tools and resources is a critical step in the process to help them succeed for the future. Go online and search for the top online homeschool programs supported by accreditation and positive parent reviews and schedule a call with the admissions personnel to ask pertinent questions and get the family started on the path to learning.

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