Homeschooling is often thought of as a full-time alternative to traditional public and private schooling, but many programs also offer a part-time option for families to consider. It is affordable, requires less documentation than a full-time application and can be used by elementary through high school students prior to graduation. Here are a few reasons why some parents consider this the ideal solution to their child’s current situation.


Health events are the most popular cause for students falling behind in their classes due to excessive absences, missed teaching and having to constantly try to catch up to where the class is. Whether it is a broken arm that requires being at home or a serious illness that prevents the student from going to school, a viable option is accredited home schooling through an established online platform.

Parents can work with the child’s school to determine what courses are needed and find an acceptable homeschool program that will satisfy these requirements. Students are then able to do the work at home while recovering and go back to school when they are ready, completely caught up with their peers.   

Summer school is not something that any student wants to go through but if they are short on high school credits, need to make-up a class or want to be able to apply for an Honors course the next year then enrolling in a part-time online program may be the answer. It is important to ensure that the school of record will accept the credits earned through the homeschool program and that all documentation associated with the class is sent to the school for evaluation and acceptance. Students can take the online courses during their break, at their own pace and work with professional instructors to understand the material and create a solid foundation for moving into the next school year.  

Families trying to decide whether they want to completely transition their children to full-time homeschooling may start by enrolling them as a part-time student with an accredited homeschooling program. This allows both parent and child to get a hands-on experience with the online portal, curriculum and platform so they can decide whether this is the right course going forward. This can be done during the school year in place of a traditional class, if acceptable with the school, or with an extracurricular course over a break. It’s best to discuss the available options with the admissions staff so they can make a recommendation that aligns with what the parents are looking to get out of the experience.

Regardless of the reason, part-time homeschooling is an option that can benefit a family as a short-term solution or an introduction to a potential long-term transition. Coordination with the online virtual school and the local school of record is critical to the student’s success so parents should start asking questions as soon as they realize this may be an option they need. It’s always better to prevent the student from getting behind in their studies and then struggling to catch up when you can set them up for positive movement forward with an online homeschool course.

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