Some families want to homeschool their children but cannot afford to have one parent stay at home and teach full-time, so they skip the option and either have to keep their kids in public school or spend a large portion of their budget for a private education. However, the top online homeschooling platforms provide an easy solution with professional teachers that work directly with each student, assignments and exams are on the computer and a daily lesson planner helps to keep the child on track. Parents still can retain an important and effective supporting role and monitor their progress with their parent portal. 

The task of picking out the right textbooks can be overwhelming which is why the best accredited homeschool curriculum is already selected and included in the online program enrollment. Parents can review the online curriculum and publisher for understanding and peace of mind about the material, but they do not have to take on the chore of researching the various manufacturers, paying for each student and teacher book separately, grade and keep track of the documentation. The online portal does all of this for the family so the enrolled child can focus on their studies and parents can do what complete their role easily ensuring a successful outcome in their homeschool program, When the curriculum meets an accredited school’s standards, as it is with an online program, this relieves the concern that their child is not getting the right information or foundation to build on for their future.

Parents who want to homeschool the right way are invested and they want to make sure that it is done correctly so their children have the tools and knowledge they need to pursue their goals.  Homeschooling on your own can be freeing but it also means that there is no support system to help answer questions, pick up the slack or take care of certain tasks that don’t relate directly to teaching or learning such as record-keeping. Partnering with an online accredited homeschool curriculum program helps to remove some of this burden because there are always professional teachers and an experienced staff to reach out to via email and phone. Records are kept automatically and available through the online portal so you can have confidence and the records needed both for meeting any state requirements and also everything your son or daughter will need when applying to the college of their choice.

Every family has its own list of pros and cons based on their unique situation, location and dynamics so it’s important to be realistic about this and decide on the best approach to remove as many obstacles as possible and enhance the positives. There are many online programs to choose from and some can be expensive, lack the proper curriculum and be difficult to deal with which is why it is necessary to carefully review and compare several before making a final decision. Remember to communicate with all in the family as you move the selection process along, so you are not faced with surprises once you select your online school.  Choice is a good thing when it comes to which education you will select, but make sure you have selected the best homeschool program.

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