Students enrolled in accredited online homeschool programs are exposed to quality curriculum that teaches every subject through a process that builds from one grade to the next. The purpose is to prepare students for the next year with repetitive assignments, certified instruction and exams that test their knowledge and build their confidence. When the student is in early elementary school, the parent can be the primary teacher with the help of the daily lesson planner and the teacher’s guide. As they transition to the online portal, professional instructors can share the responsibility and one of the first subjects they take as part of the online school 8th grade curriculum is math.

Starting in 7th grade, students can opt to take advanced courses so in math they can take pre-algebra which sets them up for the online school 8th grade curriculum of Algebra, a high school credit course. This line of learning can be challenging and difficult for some parents to teach so having the help of certified teachers is a great resource to ensure the student’s success. If math is not as difficult, the student may only need to go through the online portal assignments and will not require additional help from anyone. Parents who enjoy this subject are a big help and can provide one-on-one assistance as the student progresses through the math curriculum.

​However, for the rest of the students who need more than just the traditional lessons, there are tutorials and extra websites the school can recommend for assistance. The best teachers know that students learn differently and may need to see a concept presented in a variety of ways before the student can grasp the concept.  Parents should encourage and help their students access these learning tools early in the year, so kids do not fall behind or lose confidence in their ability. It may also be a good idea to check out local homeschool groups or learning centers that offer help in math where the student can connect with peers, share ideas and work together to learn the concepts and get the assignment completed. Students often learn better when they are comfortable with peers and can exchange help with different subjects. Keep in mind that individuals who do well in Algebra may struggle in Geometry or vice versa so always be open to getting assistance from a variety of options.

Finally, parents and students need to work together to decide on the right curriculum path and be willing to take a step back if necessary. Students who enroll in online school 8th grade curriculum with a higher math option should be able to go back to the standard path if the material is too difficult and is a greater hindrance than success for them. There are opportunities in other subjects  in the advanced path and the student may do better in these (such as English or science) than trying to get ahead in math. Take advantage of the program’s resources and recommended tools to ensure students receive the greatest amount of assistance to work through their math and build towards the next year.

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