The majority of middle schoolers are pre-teens which means that everything is changing physically, emotionally and mentally for them. For this reason, it’s important that parents have open communication with their children especially when they are teaching them at home through online schools for 6th grade or higher. School can be challenging enough without adding in the stress and pressure of family dynamics where there is no communication. If your student has always used print curriculum for their studies, 6th grade is an excellent time to transition them to the online option as this is the primary method of instruction for  middle school and high school students.


Parents should look for the best online schools for 6th grade so they can choose an accredited program that will take their student all the way through to graduation. The ideal situation is to have them start with this program from the beginning so the child can have stability in studying lessons built one upon the other, year after year instead of having to make a curriculum switch at a crucial time in thieer development. By switching to the online program in 6th grade, students can continue with their classes whileadjusting to working with an online teacher  and using the online portal to complete their assignments and tests. For some students, this may be an easy change because they are comfortable with technology and doing things on their own, but other students may take longer to make the adjustment. Parents can switch their children to online learning in many programs starting in 3rd grade.  The  family should discuss the options and make the  decision  together.

When choosing among the best accredited online schools for 6th grade, it is important to look at the curriculum and electives offered at this level and going forward. The goal is to set the student up for success and the selection of electives and Honors classes allow them to choose a path that is right for their objectives and interests. There is a standard path that students can follow and select their electives based on what is available for that grade and what they are interested in, or students can choose to start taking higher courses in certain subjects and follow an advanced path which sets them up for high school. While parents should be highly involved in this decision-making and choosing the right program, they should also ask for their teen’s opinion and even go through a demo with the program so the student can experience the online classroom environment. In general, a pre-teen may or may not like school; but, it is easier for them to complete their classes when they are comfortable and confident with the method.

Finally, check the online school for the availability of tools and resources designed to help students with the tougher subjects like math, science and English. Parents should make time to keep track of how their homeschool kids are doing and be there to help them with questions and with homework, but it helps to have online resources to lean on for tutoring and extra practice work. By working together, parents and middle schoolers can make this stage of school a positive experience and a successful foundation for the rest of school.

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