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​Bible 600 provides a developmental and in-depth academic study of the teachings of the Old and New Testaments. It focuses on a brief survey of the Old and New Testaments, with special emphasis upon the key people, places, and events from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation. These areas target three content strands: theology, biblical literature, and biblical background.

Download a copy of the Bible 600 Course Overview.

​You will find the goals for the course and the grading components and the grading scale for all NFC Academy courses.

bible 600

Essentials Of Business

  1. Course Overview
  2. Creation
  3. From the First Family to the Flood
  4. Quiz 1: Creation to the Flood
  5. Abraham and His Descendants
  6. Abram, Sarai, and Isaac
  7. Descendants of Abraham
  8. Joseph
  9. Activity: Joseph in Egypt (Pretend that you are Joseph. You have just arrived in the strange country of Egypt. You have been placed on the auction block and sold to Potiphar as a slave. In a report of no less than 125 words, describe your surroundings, your feelings, and your work. Do some research into what life would be like as a slave in Egypt at that time. Consult your Bible (Genesis 39) as well as other books.)
  10. Quiz 2: Abraham to Joseph
  11. Moses and the Law
  12. Activity: Ten Commandments (Read the Ten Commandments in your Bible. These are found in Exodus 20. Then, in your own words, explain in a report of no less than 300 words what these commandments are. Give at least one example of how you can obey each commandment. Use complete sentences.)
  13. Remaining Books of the Law
  14. Quiz 3: Moses
  15. Test
  16. Alternate Test
  17. Reference
  1. Conquest of the Land
  2. Activity: Conquest of Jericho
  3. Division of the Land/Death of Joshua
  4. Quiz 1: The Promised Land
  5. Judges: From Othneil to Shamgar
  6. Judges: From Deborah to Samson
  7. Quiz 2: Judges
  8. Three Women
  9. The Story of Ruth
  10. Quiz 3: God’s Perfect Plan
  11. Test
  12. Alternate Test
  13. Reference
  1. The Books and Ministry of Samuel
  2. The Reign of Saul
  3. Project: Saul Becomes King (In a paragraph of no less than 125 of your own words, write a retelling of the story of Saul becoming king. You can tell the story from what Samuel saw and heard or from what Saul saw and heard.)
  4. The Reign of David
  5. Quiz 1: Samuel, Saul, and David
  6. The Reign of Solomon
  7. The Temple
  8. Report: Solomon’s Rise (Solomon’s rise to kingship is recorded in 1 Kings, Chapters 1 and 2, and outlined in Lessons 4 and 5. Read the story again and, using your own words, type a paragraph of no less than 125 words explaining what happened.)
  9. Quiz 2: Solomon
  10. Job
  11. Psalms and Proverbs
  12. Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon
  13. Quiz 3: Wisdom Books
  14. Test
  15. Alternate Test
  16. Reference
  1. From Division to the Assyrian Captivity
  2. From Ahab to Jehu (Part 1)
  3. Project: Elijah’s Servant (Read 1 Kings 18:42-45. Describe the actions of Elijah’s servant and tell what you think his feelings were and how they may have changed through his experience with Elijah on the top of Mount Carmel.)
  4. From Ahab to Jehu (Part 2)
  5. From Jehu to the Assyrian Captivity
  6. Quiz 1: Division and Captivity
  7. Before the Assyrian Captivity: Judah
  8. Before the Assyrian Captivity: Israel
  9. Quiz 2: Judah and Israel
  10. The Remaining Kingdom
  11. From Manasseh to Josiah
  12. The Prophets of the Remaining Kingdom
  13. Quiz 3: The Remaining Kingdom
  14. Test
  15. Alternate Test
  16. Reference
  1. Jeremiah
  2. Ezekiel
  3. Daniel
  4. From Ahab to Jehu (Part 1)
  5. Project: Writing on the Wall (Using your imagination, place yourself at the feast of Belshazzar in Babylon. Observe the strange sight of the fingers of a man’s hand appearing out of nowhere and writing on the wall in the king’s presence. Describe the reaction of the king and the events of the evening. Include some of your own feelings.)
  6. Quiz 1: Jeremiah to Daniel
  7. The First Return from Exile
  8. Jews Preservation/Second Return from Exile
  9. The Third Return from Exile
  10. Quiz 2: Years of Exile
  11. The Prophets of the Restoration
  12. The Old Testament Reviewed
  13. The Kingdom of Israel
  14. Quiz 3: Restoration
  15. Test
  16. Alternate Test
  17. Reference
  1. History
  2. Birth and Childhood
  3. Quiz 1: The Early Years
  4. John the Baptist and Jesus’ Baptism
  5. Temptation and Ministry
  6. Rejection and Healings
  7. Teaching and Miracles
  8. Project: Salvation
  9. Quiz 2: Ministry Beginnings
  10. Rejection and Feeding Five Thousand
  11. The Transfiguration and the Good Samaritan
  12. The Lost Sheep and the Prodigal Son
  13. The Rich Young Ruler and the Tax Collector
  14. Project: Rich Young Ruler (Explain in your own words this statement: “The terms Jesus offered the rich young ruler are the same terms that we must accept.” Refer to Matthew 19:16-30 and Luke 18:18-30.)
  15. Quiz 3: Parables of Jesus
  16. Triumphal Entry and Agony in the Garden
  17. Arrest, Trial, Death, and Resurrection
  18. Quiz 4: He Lives
  19. Test
  20. Alternate Test
  21. Reference
  1. Twelve Disciples: Peter
  2. Project: Walking on Water (Imagine that you were in the boat with the disciples that night on the Sea of Galilee when it was being tossed with waves and the wind. You looked and saw what appeared to be someone walking on the water! In a paragraph of no less than 125 words, describe your feelings both before and after Jesus had identified Himself. Peter stepped out and walked on the waves. Explain what you would have done.)
  3. Twelve Disciples: James and John
  4. Twelve Disciples: The Other Nine
  5. Quiz 1: The Disciples
  6. Three Friends
  7. Four Miracles
  8. One Message
  9. Quiz 2: The Message
  10. Pentecost
  11. The Lame Man
  12. Stephen
  13. Quiz 3: The Early Church
  14. Test
  15. Alternate Test
  16. Reference
  1. Paul’s Conversion
  2. Zeal and Experience
  3. Quiz 1: Paul
  4. First Missionary Journey
  5. Essay: Paul’s Attitude (Explain in your own words this statement: “The terms Jesus offered the rich young ruler are the same terms that we must accept.” Refer to Matthew 19:16-30 and Luke 18:18-30.)
  6. Second Missionary Journey
  7. Third Missionary Journey
  8. Essay: Preparation (How did Paul encourage the Ephesian church leaders to prepare for the enemies both inside and outside the church? Is that same preparation for churches today? Why? Use Scripture verses to support your answer.)
  9. Quiz 2: God’s Missionary
  10. Thessalonians and Corinthians
  11. Galatians, Romans, and other Pauline Letters
  12. Quiz 3: Letters
  13. Test
  14. Alternate Test
  15. Reference
  1. Hebrews
  2. Quiz 1: Hebrews
  3. General Epistles: James
  4. First and Second Peter
  5. Essay: Spiritual Growth
  6. Quiz 2: Letters of James and Peter
  7. First John
  8. Second and Third John, and Jude
  9. Quiz 3: Letters of John
  10. Test
  11. Alternate Test
  12. Reference
  1. Revelation
  2. The Seven Churches and End Time Events
  3. Quiz 1: Revelation
  4. Creation to Moses
  5. Joshua, Samuel, and the Kingdom of Israel
  6. Divided Kingdom, Captivity, and Restoration
  7. Quiz 2: Creation to Restoration
  8. Life of Jesus
  9. Followers of Jesus
  10. Essay: Nicodemus (Explain in your own words in a paragraph of no less than 125 words what Jesus’ message to Nicodemus was and what that message means. Use at least three Scripture verses to back up your answer.)
  11. Apostle Paul
  12. Quiz 3: Jesus and Paul
  13. Test
  14. Alternate Test