• Course Length:

    2 semesters

  • Course Credit:


  • Program:

    Homeschool Advantage – NFC Academy Teachers (accredited)

    Homeschool Plus – Home Teacher (accredited)

    Homeschool Basics – Home Teacher (not accredited)

  • NCAA Approved:


  • Accredited:

    Cognia-SACS/CASI, Middle States, FACCS

  • High School:

    Grades 9-12

​American History continues the process of developing in students an understanding of and appreciation for God’s activity as seen in the record of man and his relationships. The course covers early American exploration to the present day, placing special emphasis on the politics of the 18th and early 19th centuries and the Civil War. These areas of focus target three major content strands: History, Geography, and Government and Citizenship.

Students follow the history of America from settlement through the battle for independence, and from industrialization through its impact on the world today as a global power. Students will continue their learning as they look at the footsteps of America’s earliest explorers as they go back in time to discover the roots of this nation, chronicle its development, and examine the events that marked turning points in its becoming a global power. Lessons include instruction on the foundation of the Republic, its relationship with England, the Continental Congress, the slave trade, regional lifestyles across the country, the Depression of the thirties, industrialization, the Vietnam conflict, and America today.

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Course Concepts & Samples

Curriculum Focus

  • Foundations Of The American Republic
  • Understand How Conflict Between the American Colonies and Great Britain Led to American Independence
  • Development Of Constitutional Government
  • National Expansion
  • A Nation Divided
  • Explain How Political, Economic, and Social Changes in the U.S. Led to Conflict Among Sections of the United States in the 19th Century
  • Describe the Causes and Effects of the Civil War and Its Aftermath
  • Understand Political, Economic, and Social Changes that Occurred in the United States During the 19th Century, Including Changes Resulting from The Industrial Revolution
  • A Nation Divided And United
  • United States Involvement At Home And Abroad
  • The Search For Peace
  • A Nation At War
  • Describe the Causes And Effects of Both World Wars
  • Contemporary America
  • Understand Some of the Key Challenges Facing American Society in the Late 20th and Early 21st Centuries

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