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Course Overview

  • Course Length:

    1 semester.

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  • Program:

    Homeschool Advantage – NFC Academy Teachers – Accredited

    Home School Plus – Home Teacher – Accredited

    Home School Basics – Home Teacher – Not Accredited

  • High School:

    Grades 9-12

  • NCAA Approved

    Not a Core Course.

  • Accredited:

    Cognia-SACS, Middle States, FACCS

Each year the Gallup Poll conducts a survey of the American public to determine the ten most respected professions in the country. Since 2001, registered nurses have topped that list. More registered nurses (2.7 million in 2010) work in healthcare than any other professional position; at the same time, a national shortage of qualified nurses exists and is projected to become significantly worse by 2020. As new nursing positions become available and a significant number of registered and licensed practical nurses approach retirement age, there are opportunities for recent graduates of accredited nursing programs throughout the country.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the National Academies’ Institute of Medicine conducted a study of the current state of nursing as well as the profession’s role in the future. This study, The Future of Nursing, has grown into a national initiative to redefine nursing education and scope of practice.

This course provides students opportunities to compare and contrast the various academic and clinical training pathways to an entry-level position in nursing and to explore the growing number of opportunities for professional advancement given the proper preparation and experience. In this course, students will have several opportunities to learn about the expanding scope of professional practice for registered nurses and better understand the important.

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Course Concepts & Samples

Curriculum Focus

  • Compare and Contrast a Variety of Careers in Nursing on the Basis of Academic Preparation, Scope of Practice, Training, Licensure, Patient Contact, Management/Administrative Responsibilities, and Lifestyle.
  • Examine Nursing Skills Common to All Nursing Professions and Explore Skill Sets That Are Specific to a Nursing Specialty or Discipline.
  • Calculate Dosage Given Age, Gender, Anthropometric Data and Specific Medication.
  • Examine the History of the Nursing Profession and Its Contributions to Health Care Through Time.
  • Evaluate Case Studies for Scientific Content and Issues of Ethics, Privacy, and Legal Limitations to Practice.

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