Third Grade Science


Course Overview

  • Course Length:

    2 semesters.

  • Course Program:

    NFC Academy Teacher Program – Accredited

    NFC Academy Homeschool Edition – Accredited

    NFC Homeschool Basics – Not Accredited

  • Accredited:

    Cognia-SACS, Middle States and FACCS

Science 300 is a basic elementary course intended to expose students to the designs and patterns in God’s physical universe. This course provides a broad survey of the major areas of science. Some of the areas covered in Science 300 include the human body, plants, animals, health and nutrition, matter, sound waves, earth science, and heat energy. The course seeks to develop the student’s ability to understand and participate in scientific inquiry. The units contain experiments and projects designed to build on children’s natural curiosity. The student will explore, observe, and manipulate everyday objects and materials in their environment.

With a focus on observation and analysis, students learn about the blue planet through exciting multimedia elements, interesting text-based lessons, and learning games. Lessons include Bible verses and inspiration to encourage students to see the physical world from a Christian perspective and see God’s hand in the creation of the diversity of life, the human body, and the changing of the seasons. Exciting experiments help students to understand challenging scientific concepts while fostering keen observational skills and scientific inquiry. Students will study the systems of the human body, the life of plants, the world of animals, matter, energy, and sound as they progress through the homeschool 3rd grade course.

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Course Concepts & Samples

Curriculum Focus

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the systems in a human body.
  • Discuss the process a plant goes through in order to grow.
  • Explain the difference between types of animals.
  • Determine which eating and care habits are the most healthy for students.
  • Distinguish between the three phases of matter and describe their properties.
  • Explain how sound travels.
  • Describe why time and seasons change.
  • Discuss how rocks are formed and how they change.
  • Explain how heat is produced.

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