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Home Education or Homeschool is a part of every state’s regulations in elementary and secondary education. Those regulations range from very little in requirements to significant in some states.

It is our goal to provide general information as is known commonly for home education. In the information provided will usually be a link to the state’s Department for Education. Other links are provided for practical ways to meet those requirements.

The Homeschool Legal Defense Association is a standard for this information and is used often. Parents can become members of this group which works on behalf of homeschool in the United States.


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Alabama through Idaho

K-12 Accredited Programs for Homeschool Families

At NFC Academy, we are proud to offer comprehensive online programs for students from third grade through twelfth grade, as well as a specialized Book Program tailored for kindergarten through fourth grade. Our curriculum is designed to provide academic excellence while accommodating the flexibility that modern families need.

For grades 3-12, we offer the unique Parent Teacher option, allowing parents to actively participate in their child’s education by serving as the primary educator with our support. Additionally, in grades 3-12, students can benefit from the guidance of NFC Academy teachers in our online programs.

It is worth noting that all our programs are enriched with a biblical worldview curriculum, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education that aligns with Christian values.

Discover the convenience and quality of NFC Academy’s online programs and Book Program today to give your child a solid educational foundation.

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Illinois through Mississippi

Accredited & NCAA Approved


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More About Online & Book Programs


K-4th Grade Book Program

Let us partner with you to give your child a great foundation at home starting in Pre-K through 4th grade accredited book program.



Elementary Online Grades 3-5

Our accredited online programs are a great option for your student starting in 3rd grade. Home teacher or NFC Academy teachers.



Middle School Online Grades 6-8

Our online program options continue to be available into Middle School in our 6th – 8th grade program. Home Teacher or Academy teachers.



High School Online Grades 9-12

Graduate from our accredited program college prep program in the online high school at NFC Academy! Courses approved by the NCAA.