Many parents are reconsidering the methods by which their children receive an education. If the past year has kept your child home for schooling, then you may be considering your options when it comes down to who teaches them and what curriculum is being used. This online elementary homeschooling program spans several grades and offers opportunities to take courses entirely online or to incorporate textbooks into your at-home learning curriculum.

Find The Right Fit

When you are shopping around for an online elementary homeschool program for your children, finding the right educational infrastructure can be a trying process. Visit this Florida-based academy to browse the academy’s website for yourself to see if it will be a good fit for your at-home classroom. Your child can select courses to try free lessons from a comprehensive class list; lessons include all needed study materials and a quiz to see how well they did on the sample lesson.

Simple Navigation Makes Online Education A Breeze

Although computers are present in nearly every family home these days, not every user is as technologically savvy as the next. This online academy keeps navigation simple with plain language and straightforward video tutorials that show you exactly how to use the system from sign-up to SAT prep. Your child won’t be stuck working on a single subject as the site allows them to seamlessly switch from one course to the next without losing any progress.

Learn more about the NFC Academy in Florida and the courses that are available for your child at

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