When I first suggested homeschooling to my husband, his reaction was, how would our daughter get accepted to college? You want her to be socially awkward for the rest of her life and have no friends? How would she learn when she’ll be locked up in her room all day? The good news is that the modern-day homeschool curriculum for high school students is more advanced and gives children the opportunity to learn at their own pace. Here are the three great reasons why homeschooling is a good option.

Your child learns at their own pace.

But public schools have programs that help struggling kids! Yes, that’s true, but homeschooling allows your child to have all the time they need to finish classwork. They can work at night, during the day, and they can take breaks whenever needed.

Recovery from bullying

Unfortunately, in public schools, bullying is common. If your kid was bullied or constantly teased by others in the past, then taking them out of public school for a while will help them heal, especially if they go to therapy.

More freedom

No more waking up at four to catch the bus or getting up an hour early to get ready for school. Now, all they have to do is wake up, go to the bathroom, eat, and they are ready for the day. They can even eat while attending class.

Ready to start your child’s homeschooling journey? At NFC Academy, we offer a fully accredited K-5 learning program and an online homeschool curriculum for third grade through high school students that allows your child to learn at their own pace. Call today for more information.

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