The decision to teach your children at home either as a part-time teacher or engaging the help of the school’s professional instructors is made based on your personal situation, belief system and what you believe is the right move for their future. The younger a student starts in the homeschooling model the easier it is for this to become the ‘norm’ and what they are used to, however, it is not uncommon to make the transition with older kids that are in elementary, middle and even high school.

So how does the entire family transition from a traditional classroom where kids are dropped off for 6-7 hours, picked up (or come home by bus) and have homework in the afternoon or evening. The first step is to get everyone involved in the process so that each individual including both the student and parent feel invested in the decision and get excited about the intended changes. This can help to make it easier for the student to feel less awkward about leaving their friends and becoming a ‘home schooler’. The online Christian schools with top reputations can help with the logistics of getting kids setup with their assignment portals, helping parents get organized with a structure and providing resources for research and studying.

In addition to this, it is best to setup a specific area in the home designated as the ‘classroom’ as this helps to delineate where and when school is in session. Allow the kids to help decorate the room and change up the themes to match holidays, seasons and other important events or lessons as they are being taught through the application. If you have multiple children then each of them should have their own work or desk space where they can put their school supplies and go to for homework or doing necessary tasks. 

Even if you are not the full-time teacher it is important that you be present to answer questions and show your support so balance how this looks with your unique personal situation. Have designated hours for school so that kids know when to be ready and have a routine with boundaries is best. While online Christian schools and the homeschooling method’s biggest benefit is flexibility, it is still good to have an organized routine that kids understand so they know when it is time to learn and when school is out and you become ‘parent’ again and they can socialize. Take field trips that correspond with what they are learning in school which also get them out of the house and make the home school education fun!   

Parents want their children to be excited or at least open to learning and receiving information and in homeschooling, parents are a big part of this equation. Take time to research the best online Christian schools for cost, curriculum and teacher support and then decide how you want to turn part of your home into a school for your kids.

Some families come up with a school name and colors, get involved with other home school families are groups in the area and connect with local clubs for sports so that the entire experience is well-rounded and creates fond memories for kids to look back on.

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