There are many people that grow up without receiving a high school diploma. Some people have been forced to drop out of high school or for one reason or another, a student cannot go to a high school, but still would wish to receive a diploma. A high school diploma, after all, is about preparing you for what’s to come later in life and can permit you into getting a higher-level of education or even a job.


There are two routes you can take that are separate from a traditional high school diploma: Attending accredited online high schools or taking a GED and passing.

A GED, which is the General Educational Development is a multiple-part test that is taken in one long sitting that it at one of about 3500 locations in Canada and the United States. The GED was originally created to help World War II veterans that quit school to help them get a job. Today, anybody that is aged 16 and up can take the GED, but it does not technically count as a diploma. If you pass the GED, you will be awarded with a “high school equivalency certificate”.

To pass the GED, you must get at or above the top 40 percent of high school seniors in four main areas, which are mathematics, language arts, social studies, and science. The test involves multiple choice and fill in the blank answers, including some extended response answers.

Taking the GED however does not prepare you to face the challenges of progressing through a college degree program or help you get the best job. Most people who only obtain a GED, without a unique show of experience or skill find themselves limited to jobs that are low in pay and not exciting, with little chance of getting promoted or finding a better job.

Here are 5 great reasons why you should obtain an online diploma from accredited online high schools instead of attempting to pass the GED:

  1. Online studying can show you how to learn smarter, can expand your point of view, and will help better prepare you for life in general, apart from preparing for college and a job.
  2. Full time workers earn more with a high school diploma than workers without a diploma, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.College graduates with a Bachelor’s degree earn on average $1,189 per week.High school graduates earn on average $718 per week.Non-graduates earn on average $515 per week.To put it frankly, the more you learn, the more that you earn.
  3. PR and hiring managers do not treat high school diplomas and “equivalency certificates” as the same. Diplomas are more authentic and legitimate to most companies, and it proves that the job candidate has self-discipline and an initiative to better his or her life.
  4. If the military is a possibility for you, they require better scores on aptitude tests for GED carriers, and the window for acceptance is very tiny. Each military branch has a limit on the amount of GED holders that they can accept. For instance, the Air Force only allows just one percent of new recruits every year to have a GED.
  5. A high school diploma will give you a sense of satisfaction and personal achievement. With a diploma, it serves as a sign for better things to come for you and your life.

With so many technological breakthroughs, attending classes online can offer more than just convenience and flexibility; It can also be enjoyable and interactive. Consider online learning as an alternative path to achieving greatness.

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