For people who do not fully understand yet what online learning is all about, they may have some misconceptions about it. You might have heard countless of opinions about studying online and these ideas may not all be factual. Let us name some online learning myths and find the truth about them.

You Have to Learn the Lesson by Yourself

While you don’t physically go to school to see your teachers, it doesn’t mean that you are left with the task of learning the lesson on your own. Your teachers may prepare video lectures for you to understand the topic better. They are always ready to assist you and answer your queries.

You Cannot Socialize with Your Classmates

Communicating and socializing with your classmates are always possible even for online learning. Lessons are made to be interactive so you can have the opportunity to collaborate and bond with your classmates for certain activities. Online classrooms also have discussion boards where you can start some conversations with your peers. Just don’t forget the basic etiquette when communicating online.

You Cannot Approach Your Teachers

You may be used to having consultation time with your teachers in traditional school. What’s good about online learning is that you can approach your teachers anytime. You can connect with them via social media platforms and find that they are responsive to your needs. Just keep in mind that your teachers also need to rest so do not expect them to be at your beck and call always, but they are sure to reply.

You May Feel Isolated

This myth may also be the fear of students who are about to take online classes. But you will be surprised to discover that you can build a connection to various people. Since you are studying online, you may meet students from other states or even other countries. You will learn about different cultures and build a wide range of network with people from different walks of life. All you need to do is be open to conversations.

You Have to be Tech-Savvy

One common misconception about online learning or homeschooling is that you need to have advanced knowledge and skills in technology. If you know how to navigate through different virtual sites and social media, then you will be just fine. Plus, you have your teachers and the school’s technical support team to assist you. Basic skills are necessary to begin online learning but as you go through the process, you will find that your computer skills will improve.

You Only Need to Watch Virtual Lectures

If this is the case, then only the visual learners will gain much. Online learning allows the development of academic potential for all students with different learning styles. While lessons may be given in video format, the curriculum includes hands-on activities and other schoolwork that will definitely hone 21st century skills.

Online Learning Requires Less Effort Than Traditional Learning

Learning online is not a piece of cake. Like traditional education, online learning requires you to do a lot of work, both online and offline. It may be even more challenging for some, since discipline in accomplishing the task is vital for students to finish the course. You are the master of your learning process in this educational setting, and if you don’t motivate yourself enough, you may fall behind.

Now that you know the truth behind online learning myths, you can ponder on the facts and make a sounder decision in pursuing online learning. Make sure you know how the system works and understand the other rudiments of the online learning program that you choose.

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