More and more parents are contemplating on the possibility of transitioning their child from public school to online school, and you may be one of them. Starting is always the hardest. The questions of when and how to begin are something you must be pondering on. Online school, although overwhelming to think of at first, is a great option for you and your child’s educational advancement. If transitioning is your concern, below are tips we call the JUMP and SHIFT.

J – Justify the Change

Start a conversation with each member of the family, especially your spouse and your child, as to why you need to go from public school to online school. Talk about the main reason why you need to change the learning setting and what your goals are for going into an online school.

U – Understand the Legalities

Before you plunge into online school, make sure that your state permits the transition from public school to online school and there will be no repercussions with securing necessary documents.

M – Make it Fun

Assuming the role of a parent and a teacher, shifting from one to the other is not the most effective objective of online school. There is no need to separate home life from school life in this educational setting. The idea is to merge how you educate your child into your way of life.

P – Proper Timing

Once you have decided to go into online school, do allow the matter to sink in slowly by not immediately giving your child concepts, topics and activities to study. In the beginning, try to create a positive atmosphere during the transition so that your child will be more engaged and excited to go to online school. When you think that everyone is ready at home, you can start to introduce the workload slowly.

S – Strengthen the Bond

Since you will be spending more time together, try to reacquaint yourself with your child. Make an effort to know what your child thinks and feels. Not every day will go smoothly so focus on what is good and positive, and always commend your child’s accomplishments, may it be big or small. Remember that one purpose of online schooling is for you and your child to have quality time with each other.

H – Helping Hands are Around

When things are getting a bit overwhelming or difficult, remember that there are people who are ready to give you support. Try connecting with your co-parents and friends, and come up with ways to make the online school journey more exciting.

I – Interaction Matters

Online school does not mean you and your child need to be confined at home. Integrate activities that will allow them to go on playdates and outings where you can relax as well. Contact the school administrators about activities that are essential to this transition, so that they may guide you in the process.

F – Flexibility is Important

In online school, things do not necessarily go as planned, but do not fret. Make room for changes but see to it that your child achieves the learning goal. As you go, you will realize that you are learning as well.

T – Talk to Experts

If you have further inquiries, look for an expert who can assist you in transitioning from public school to online school. It will also help to raise questions when you are still on the admission process. This will make it easier for you to adapt to the new environment later on.

Now that you have read the tips, can you say that you are ready to JUMP and SHIFT into an online school?

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