For parents, teaching math is one of the factors that can keep them from homeschooling their children because they are concerned that they can’t teach it the correct way or they have a hard time understanding the higher math on their own. It is one of the core subjects required for graduation whether the student is simply earning their high school diploma or seeking to go on to college or university. The best online schools for 8th grade and above use excellent curricula to lay the foundation of math concepts that give students the option to enroll in a standard math route or to take an advanced route by taking a higher math class a year early.

When choosing which online accredited program to partner with, it’s necessary to look at the math and science curriculum to ensure that it is reliable, logical and provides a solid foundation that students can understand and build on each year. Certified teachers should be part of the process to help students work through the assignments, explain the concepts and provide extra material or instruction, if necessary, for teens struggling to get through the material. However, parents should realize that not every child learns the same way and that additional resources should be considered to help students become successful in this subject.

Tutoring is a great way to give kids one on one attention in a specific area. The online school 8th grade math teacher may be available to do this, and should also be able to provide links to additional video instruction on each math topic covered in the online math class.  Local tutors or academic centers that focus on math may also be a resource but make sure that the student brings their tablet or textbook with them so the tutor can see exactly how the lesson is being taught and what the expectations are for entering the work into the system. If you’re concerned about the cost of tutors, then online math sites are a good resource as well. There are a variety to choose from both with and without cost and most have a range of math subjects from algebra to calculus.  It is important to review the different sites and have the student take practice demos to see which is easiest for them to follow and work through the assignments. The student should be able to focus on learning the concept, not figuring out how to navigate the system. Make sure the lessons they take through the online program have a way to check their answer so they can see when they are getting it right or see what they are doing wrong.

For parents who have either forgotten their high school math or were never good in the subject the first time around, the first line of defense is having your student in a great online homeschool curriculum with a teacher that dedicates their time to helping students. When additional assistance is needed, look for alternative resources so the student can get extra practice, review the concept from a different point of view and gain confidence that they can work through the subject with a passing grade and move into the next year.

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