Elementary grades are some of the most important years because this is when students learn to read, write and understand the basics in math, science and history. Kids start forming an opinion about school and whether it is something they will engage in willingly or whether it will be a challenge to get them in front of the textbooks each day. Parents are the primary teacher with the help of the best 2nd grade homeschool curriculum in printed form from an accredited homeschool program. This means they have the responsibility of teaching the concepts, grading the material and documenting the results on top of making sure their child completes the work in a timely manner.


When you enroll in the top K-2nd grade homeschool curriculum, one of the standard resources that should come with the print textbooks is a lesson planner that outlines the recommended amount of work the student should complete in each subject on a daily basis. Parents can choose to modify this based on their individual schedules and they create the time frame in which the child works during the day, but it removes the burden of having to calculate the total number of lessons divided by the number of days, taking into account holidays and then doing that for each subject. The lesson planner is a great tool that parents can rely on to help them plan their school year with confidence and use it to keep everyone on track.

​Another resource that families should expect when they enroll in the homeschool program is an online portal for grading and documentation. These are two things that can easily overwhelm a brand-new homeschooling parent because guidelines are different across the country and grading can easily take up a lot of time and effort. The online grading system for the 2nd grade homeschool curriculum allows parents to enter in the grades and the system takes care of the calculations so you don’t have to. It makes grading easier, simpler and faster for parents who may have one or multiple students they are teaching at home. As the students get into the higher grades and transition to the online student portal, the grading becomes automatic through the system and is supplemented by teachers for assignments that require a review before grading. Along with this is the record keeping the school provides for families, from progress reports and report cards to the official transcript that colleges will require for admission. Parents do not have to keep a file or folder with assignments as proof of what they are teaching because the school will track everything in a recognized format that is easily accepted by any educational system for audit. Simply log into the parent portal, find the documents you need and then print or email them as needed.

Homeschooling requires commitment and dedication to a child’s education and the younger grades are especially critical for the entire family. Students and parents learn what works, what doesn’t, how to communicate and the value of staying organized, and with a reliable accredited homeschool program, the amount of work and responsibility is manageable and ready to use at any time.

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