Homeschooling with a toddler can be a challenging task. Moms get bogged down with managing the homeschooling of their older children while taking care of toddlers. 


Homeschooling with a toddler can be a challenging task. Moms get bogged down with managing the homeschooling of their older children while taking care of toddlers. 

Homeschooling demands focus and dedicated hours by parents, especially mothers. In most cases, they’re the ones who single-handedly look after their children’s upbringing. To be able to maintain the learning curve, they make sure that their children study between 8 am to 3 pm, as the constructive learning process is most effective within this time period. Not only this, they constantly have to give up on their house chores for their child’s education, and it gets worse with a toddler in the house. If you’re in a similar situation with having trouble getting anything done, then try following these tips. 

1.    Learn to Distract Your Toddler’s Attention

Before beginning your homeschool day, plan out enough activities for your toddler that can play out to be perfect for grabbing attention. Playing with your toddler all at one time doesn’t help as they require constant attention. What’s important is to play with them consistently. Consistent engagement with your toddler can cause them to fall asleep as it drains their energy. Once they fall asleep, you won’t have to deal with their tantrums for a good two hours at least.

2.    Don’t Make Your Toddler Feel Left Out

Make your toddler a part of your homeschooling process and make them learn the basics such as solving puzzles and identifying pictures. In this way, they won’t intervene in the process of teaching your older child.

3.    Involve Your Toddler in Learning Games

Let your toddler have a taste of the learning as well. There are several learning activities you can easily find over the internet or you can even visit some of the best online homeschool programs websites that offer entertaining homeschooling guides for parents with toddlers.

Here are some interesting activities that can keep your toddler busy:

  • Coloring and painting objects (Test their color combination skills)
  • Letter recognition can enhance your child’s ability to read and write better.
  • Make your toddler aware of certain animals by identifying their features and sound.
  • Create delightful experiences by making your toddler learn about the scent, sound, sight, and texture of nature.

4.    Divide the Schooling Hours

Your older children don’t have to gulp all the knowledge at once. Even two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening are enough for the homeschool day. This can help you focus on your toddler as well. Later, you can schedule your homeschool days based on your family’s routine.

5.    Make Your Older Child Play with Your Toddler

Parents with multiple older children can assign each one to play with the toddler, one at a time. This benefits you in two ways. You can focus on the learning of each child by providing greater attention. Secondly, the sibling can have some of their own time so they can develop a strong relationship.

6.    Stay Focused

Recall that your primary focus is teaching and then watching over your toddler. Build a routine of setting up the activities and other needs of your toddler beforehand. Set up timers so you don’t lose track of your homeschooling routine.

7.     Do Not Set Unrealistic Expectations

A house full of children can never be silent, except when they’re asleep. Don’t lose hope and give up on homeschooling just because things seem to be messy. Once you get the hold of your routine, you’ll be able to bring alterations and adjust everything in a systematic way.

8.    Tips for Not Losing Your Cool

A decent learning environment is defined by a few things:

  • Give yourself and student time
  • Take an appropriate action at the right time
  • Keep patience as it’s very important during teaching.
  • If a student is slow at learning, help them out by using active learning strategies.
  • Set simple principals, explore the role of a good homeschooler
  • Take short breaks
  • Overall, keep a positive attitude

If you’re still facing any trouble homeschooling children, now is the time to hire the professional home school academy for enabling more practical learning methods.

9.    Evaluate the Impact of All These Tips

At the end of the day, try to evaluate how these tips have improved your homeschooling process. If you notice a positive difference, then you’re on the right track.

Remember that there’s no hard and fast rule in homeschooling your kids, so keep working in a manner that you feel is best. We hope these tips bring a positive change in your homeschooling routine.

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