Is it very important to understand how you can help your child succeed in online school or courses especially if this is the first time your child has joined an online course. It might be hard for students as young as K-12 to adapt to an online home school. So, this is the reason when you as parents could and should step in. We have online resources for your child on our webpages when your child is enrolled in our courses to help you better understand what you are we teaching.

Create A Study Area

You can involve your child at the stage of creating their study table. This would create a sense of belonging for them. This would increase the productivity when they study as they might grow attached to the study area and not want to leave. Who knows? Your child could then find joy in studying.
You could also encourage your child to pin up their artwork in their learning space. Also, remember to keep the stationaries that they would regularly use on the table. For example, pencils and sharpeners.

Implement Routines

Your child might feel irritated or agitated if they want to play while you sit them down in their chair in front of the study table. A lack of the implementation of a routine would cause these negative mood swings to happen. This is the reason we are suggesting that you should create a routine for your child. Rules and goals are necessities when it comes to routines. 

You could make sure that your child gets a quality night’s sleep and wakes up before classes to have a hearty meal. It is a subconscious instruction that the child has to start getting in the mode for learning before online school starts. You should also set up systems that kids can go through independently as much as possible. 

Provide Them with Healthy Snacks

You could fill a small bucket with healthy snacks like fruits or cholesterol-free brownies. So, whenever your child would need to take a break after their study sessions, she or she would help himself or herself to a snack and return to work afterward. This would motivate your child to study better when he or she is back studying.

Eliminate Any Distractions

Most of the students spend about three to four hours on electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, and iPads when they should be studying. Hence, parents should step in to handle the situation. This is especially needed when your child is not a teenager yet. The surrounding environment such as noise could also drastically affect the grades of your child hence the need to maintain silence during online classes. Having their favorite plush toys around their study table would make it even harder for the child to focus during classes. Hence, you could consider setting up a quiet, clutter-free study space that is comfortable for your child to study in.

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