A strong internet connection and a desktop or a laptop are the basic needs to start online classes. Our online homeschooling does not require intense technology applications which is the reason we would consider ourselves as user-friendly. Study materials would be delivered to your doorstep or available on our websites depending on the subjects you take

Purchase A Printer

Many students find that they study better as they find hard copy notes more useful. Accordingly, if you are studying online and wants to use the notes in hardcopy, you should definitely get your study materials printed out. Study materials would be available to you via websites on the resources page. Hence, you would need a printer in your home. You can get the most basic one with the printing function only and you can start to print those documents out. You can also turn your important notes or even eBooks into formats such as PDFs. That way, you can view them on apps such as Kindle or just print out those notes on paper. 

It is always intelligent to invest in a printer. After all, it is compact and can be easily transported while on the go. Therefore, your printer can save you transportation time as well as energy. It would be so much easier for you to retain, grasp and understand the sea of information when you have proper hard copies, as compared to just relying on the online resources.

Download Different Software to Take Notes

Frequently, online students are required to take notes during homeschool programs. It helps you to study more productively, especially at the last minute.
Mostly, online learners use different applications to highlight certain key information. Some programs also allow them to comment on lectures and readings. For example, Microsoft’s OneNote allows online students to take notes. Consequently, this kind of software supports online students throughout their online courses.

Applications are the reason that it gets so much simpler and easier for you to keep your school work organized between different classes and semesters throughout the year. Being an online student, you can use both Evernote and Goodnotes to jot down any notes as you read through those virtual textbooks. Therefore, these smart note-taking applications give an excellent visual attraction that keeps students like you interested in a long period, giving way to a beneficial learning experience.

We would also recommend a note-taking app to you that has been praised by many iPad users, Goodnotes. If you would prefer to have your notes handwritten by you instead of typed-out, then you could use this app. It would be very beneficial to you if you have complicated formulas to jot down or diagrams you have to submit for your classes.

Use Your Headphones

Several online high school students are recommended to use headphones during classes. The quality of the sound would be so much better, and you would be able to study better. As far as an app is concerned, we might have extra software requirements. This might include a video playing software. Many courses would require a word processing software. Some students might need to upgrade their Java versions.


Discounts would be available based on your unique financial situations. If you need more information, feel free to contact us today.

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