​If you’re an anxious parent looking to homeschool your child because they have immense difficulty following the curriculum, it might be time to consider transferring them to an online program where they can learn at their own pace. Here are some critical questions you should ask when choosing an online school for your child.

Will More Time Be Needed to Learn the Curriculum as Compared to a Traditional School?

With an online school program, your child will be able to work at their own pace and adopt a learning style that suits their learning needs and patterns. This allows for a high level of flexibility in their schedule as they will take additional time to grasp more complex and challenging concepts. In addition, many fast learners are given a chance to graduate early if they have completed their course assignments.

Will an Instructor Be Available if My Child Needs Extra Help?

Most online schools will provide faculty support for their students. Online teachers will be available 24 hours and seven days a week to help students solve their non-academic and academic issues. They usually facilitate your child’s learning via phone calls, e-mails, and other communication platforms.

Adopting a one-on-one approach, the teacher will usually assess the students to identify their weaknesses and strengths and be familiar with the student’s way of learning. This way, they will customize the lesson to each student and pinpoint what they may lack in their knowledge and abilities precisely.

Will It Be Possible To Transfer My Child’s Current School Credits to an Online School?

When your child transitions to an online school program, the academic placement team by the institution will collaborate closely with you during the enrollment process to accurately assess your child’s status and level. This ensures that their determined grade level and courses are suited to their needs.

Before transferring your child, you will need to check with the school for their enrollment and cutoff dates. Most online schools will recommend that your child begins the program at the start of a fresh school semester to ensure a smooth transition to their very new learning circumstances.

Are Homeschool Programs Conducted Fully Online?

Many elementary and middle students can find it incredibly difficult if the course is entirely conducted virtually, as they are still developing and honing their learning skills. As a result, their work is usually mostly completed offline alongside hands-on learning to facilitate their education for elementary school students.

The middle school students’ program will consist of a hybrid learning style, blending online and offline learning. This allows them to grow and cultivate their individuality and personality. However, for high school students, their entire course is completed entirely online as they will be expected to be disciplined in facilitating their own learning.

Accredited Homeschool Programs for Limitless Learning

At NFC Academy, we pride ourselves on our range of accredited homeschooling programs that cater to all our students’ learning needs. From high-schoolers, middle-schoolers to even kindergarteners, we’re here to unlock your child’s learning potential and ensure that they have a memorable schooling experience. For more information on our online homeschool programs, feel free to contact us today.

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