If you talk to parents in your community, you will usually hear which elementary schools are the best and how to set students up to ‘feed’ into the right high school but very little is often said about the middle schools. This is because the majority of traditional middle schools are challenging, primarily due to the age of the students who are between 11-13 years old and at a point where school may not be a top priority. Parents who choose to homeschool should consider the following benefits of making the switch at this point in time and even keeping them at home through high school.

It is difficult to get any pre-teen excited about school so public and private school teachers, who may try their best, usually stick to teaching the material and getting through the day. This doesn’t help students who may learn at a slower or faster rate, need additional motivation to complete the lessons or simply don’t understand the concepts but don’t want to say anything. The top 7th grade homeschool curriculum allows for parents to teach whichever classes they want and partner with certified online instructors who work directly with the student for part or all of the subjects. This detailed attention ensures that every concept is explained to the student until they have a thorough understanding and comfort of the information.

One of the things that has made middle school so challenging is the social media influence that kids have to deal with which increases bullying and peer pressure. Kids are attached to their friends and with cell phones they don’t have any break to step away from the constant texting and posting when they are surrounded by it during the day at school and after they leave. Parents can minimize these influences but the impacts on a pre-teen’s education can be significant but in homeschooling, kids have the freedom and flexibility to work at their own pace with no positive or negative influences determining their standard.  Instead, they can work ahead of schedule, take classes at a slower pace and make adjustments on a day-by-day need depending on what is going on. The top 7th grade homeschool curriculum is presented through an online portal that gives recommendations on how much work should be done but doesn’t restrict the student from making their own schedule. Kids are more successful and productive when they are not concerned about who is watching them and they can determine what works for them. Parents can also make these grades more fun by adding in activities that support what the student is learning but also align with the student’s interests and desire to do more than just read a book.

The adventures of middle school paves the way for homeschool students becoming great high school students because they learn the advantages of not being restricted to a particular schedule, the ability to balance sports, job and school and have more flexibility than their peers who are in a traditional classroom.  Talk with your pre-teen and see if switching to a homeschool program might be the change that they need to get excited about school and stay on the path to graduation.

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