Traditional schools are pretty much the same no matter where you go with set class periods, core subjects and a typical schedule for the day. Students walk the halls from one class to the next, find time to study and then participate in activities after the bell rings. For some individuals this is enough but for those who want to speed up the process, take on more responsibility and potentially graduate with a diploma and degree there is an alternative option.

Online homeschool classes for high schoolers are the perfect solution for learning at home where students can make their own schedule, learn at their own pace and develop critical skills that will make them more competitive for employers and college admissions board. Parents should look for a quality program that offers various tracks including a standard and advanced so teens can find the one that fits with them.  There are many online options available, but it is necessary to check for accreditation, ratings/reviews and the curriculum the school offers. Within this there are additional options for balancing the class load so students can manage their time and responsibilities with job, sports and other activities.

 Self-discipline, study and time management are skills that are beneficial in college and in the workforce, but they are often overlooked by students in a traditional school. Online homeschool classes provide an opportunity for this development because students are in control of when they work, how much they accomplish and their overall course selection. These four years are when a student can choose electives that align with their interests, help to develop their knowledge in a specific area and put them in control of their future. A quality homeschool program will have a guidance program to help students along this path, create a custom course schedule and encourage them along the way so that graduation is met with completed requirements and excitement. In addition, high school students are able to learn in an environment that is free from peer pressure and social influences so they can focus on studies and creating their own path. The program should have NCAA-approved courses for those who play sports, a dual enrollment option for students who want to earn a degree while still in high school and a variety of electives so they can begin studying their area of interest.

There is nothing more beneficial than a high school student achieving their dream whether that is the diploma or an additional 2-year degree through a dual enrollment program. Ambition is an important characteristic, but it must be self-motivated which is what many high school students find when they are given the chance to be part of a homeschool program. The benefits of homeschooling in high school have become more widely known and popular as more teens are asking to be transferred from traditional school to this approach where they can connect with online teachers, complete assignments, study on their won and develop the habits they will take with them after graduation and into the next phase.

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