Homeschooling is not the only option for educating kids but it is swiftly becoming the most popular one and a favorite with families from all walks of life for several reasons.

The public-school system has been in the news more lately than in the past with stories about increased bullying incidents, safety concerns and the level of peer pressure rising due to social media and other outlets. Kids are going to school but focused more on how to interact with their peers than learning about math, science, history and other important subjects. This trend leads to a generation with lower education standards and increased challenges when attending colleges and universities after graduation. Parents are looking at homeschooling as a way to turn the focus back on education and remove the concerns and fears that make it difficult for kids to attend classes.

The flexibility of homeschooling is one of the top reasons that more families are adopting this method because their children have the freedom to learn and work at their own daily schedule, they don’t have to be concerned about changing schools due to circumstances and studies can continue despite what is going on in the world or local community. When you homeschool in Florida through an accredited program, families can continue with this same program if they move to a different state which removes the disruption students experience whether it is due to a job relocation or personal reasons for moving. Students in all grades are able to work at their own schedule to understand the material and make good grades and reduce the pressure of measuring themselves against classmates and forced time frames.

While many families choose homeschooling so they can have a direct impact on their child’s education as the teacher, there are options with online programs to take advantage of professional instruction on a part or full-time basis. Parents do not have to take on the full responsibility of teaching, keeping track of documentation, grading and refreshing themselves on concepts so they can instruct their child because the school’s administration and teachers will partner with them.  This ensures that students receive the best level of homeschool in Florida with parents directly involved in the process or as a support and encouragement to what the online teacher is doing. School choice takes on new meaning because parents can find an online homeschool program that is faith-based, offers college prep classes, support athletes with NCAA-approved courses and offers a variety of electives to help teens develop their path to graduation. The benefit is that parents can shop around to find the best curriculum and online options that meet the needs of their students and prepare them for college and/or entering the workforce based on the student’s goals and objectives. 

The decision to homeschool is personal to each family and may be based on beliefs, current education options or dictated by life situations which prevent a child from attending school. There are a variety of resources, tools and helpful websites to give first-time homeschoolers tips on how to set up their day, plan activities and make the experience one that is fun and challenging for students of all ages. Homeschooling is the best choice for education because it brings the family together, gives students the skills they need as adults and provides a quality learning environment that is unique in every home.

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