Reading and math are two critical skills that every child needs to learn at an early age so they can interact with the world around them and advance to the next grade. However, computer skills are quickly becoming a third quality that students need to develop not only so they can complete online classes but also learn their way around this device in preparation for future employment. Just about every company has some form of technology that requires an understanding of typing, operating the equipment and being comfortable with device and how it interacts in the process.


Online homeschool students have the opportunity to start developing these skills as young as 3rd grade with a quality backed accredited online home school platform that offers courses and studies through this format. Students learn how to access, navigate and complete work through the reliable portal and communicate with instructors that are at a long-distance. As a benefit, they are able take advantage of online classes in college because they are already familiar with the process and the other skills needed to make this form of education successful.

In addition to being comfortable in a non-traditional classroom, basically an online format, students learn self-discipline and time management which are critical skills that employers look for. As elementary students there is more accountability and establishing these features using the online lesson planner and progress bar.

Parents play a vital role in this process starting with the decision on which an accredited online home school to have their children work with. For this reason, it is important to look at several schools and compare their portals, access to teachers and administrative functions to ensure that every part of the process is easy to work through and enables the student to reach graduation with the credits and courses they need.  

As students reach the higher grades, they take on more responsibility in determining how best to get their work done while balancing other activities and priorities including sports and test prep for college entrance tests. The benefit of homeschooling is that students can work at a flexible pace as they want to get the work done on time and adjust for unexpected situations without losing time in the classroom. Parents are able to take a step back, monitor the progress and assist when needed but high schoolers develop the ability to create their own schedules, manage studies and find their rhythm which translates into other areas of life.

Elementary and secondary education is a 12-year program that affects the type of adult a child becomes no matter which format or approach is taken because the skills and knowledge they learn will determine how they handle life. Give your child the best possible opportunity to get an advance start by enrolling them in an online homeschool program that offers high-level courses, college prep development and access to links and resources for a solid education. By the time they graduate, they will not only be comfortable learning on the computer but will have the skills employers are looking for in a reliable employee.

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